The love bug…

February 29th, 2012….

Well, luckily the love bug has well and truly caught at our place, because it made today just bearable.  Ruby was fractious… and ok, I admit it, I was too.  Hot, tired and wishing the bub would come out already!!  I realised by the end of the day that I had to just let go and remind myself that I believe that babies come when they are ready… this little one of ours being no exception!  I had just had it in my head that the baby would be here in February for some reason and also because Ruby was here at 38 weeks I got used to that idea.  Also a good reminder for me that this isn’t Ruby… he/she is a little person all of their own preciousness and destiny!

Here you are playing with your little love bug that Tion chose for you!  What a special surprise present from your cousins 🙂  You love playing with the car and are kind of getting the hang of pulling it backwards and letting it goooooooo…. You have already loved off the front bumper…. I’m not sure replica VW beetles are meant to plunge from coffee tables!  I really like the little car too and I love seeing it sitting somewhere, it makes me smile… which was a really good thing today!

Mumma xx

Something else that makes me smile is all the beautiful beads I was given at my Blessingway… I have put them together to carry with me when I birth our babe ♥


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