What a bot!

March 1st, 2012…

Another hot day, but I was in a much better frame of mind, determined that Ruby and I would have a good day!  And we did 🙂

Nudie cutie!  You love being nude and you love playing with water (I think I’ve mentioned this before!!).  You spent ages (as long as my conscience could cope) standing at the sink ‘washing’ your little colourful bowls.  I had the tap on just a drizzle, but that was enough for you, my mermaid!

To make the most of the water today we went to Megan & John’s in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours in and out of their fabulous pool…. so nice for both of us, but maybe especially so for Mummy so I could be weightless for a while!  You loved watching the big kids run riot diving, splashing and being silly 🙂

Some more water time this weekend may just be in order…. xox


2 thoughts on “What a bot!

    • Haha! Well I must be pretty creepy too… It was wonderful at my folks today with Ruby & Asher running around nudie… I always wanted cute nude kids around… especially for their GORGEOUS bottoms 🙂

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