A dindo!!!!!!!!!!

March 6th, 2012…

A pretty quiet day around home… Have I mentioned I don’t have a mobile at the moment?!  It died on Sunday morning 😦  It feels very strange not to have one!!  Will have to see if the budget extends to a new iPhone….

“All de amimals are HIDINGGGGG”… Ruby, we borrowed this book, Happy Birthday Dingo, from the library, and you love it.  Note the little toy dingo clutched in your right hand!  You like to name the animals, especially the boobook owl (you love owls!).  Your ‘g’ sounds are a ‘d’ at the moment, thus the ‘dindo’ title 😉 You were a very happy girl for a little while whilst your brother slept and you had Dadda and I to yourself for a wee while!  You were reading stories and bouncing from toy to toy!

Dondy and Aunty Meli came over in the arvo too, which you were very pleased about!  So many people love you my darling girl, so many people xxx

Deep blue blinky newborn eyes and a little turned up nose, perfect for feeding.  I have been desperate today to get you to feed as I’m feeling like my bosoms may explode!  You are starting to have some good alert periods in amongst your sleepy times.  I love the way you stop and listen when I talk to you… searching out my face.  I am so blessed to meet you little man xxx


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