Dip dip!!

March 7th, 2012…

Another day around home for babymooning…  Ruby had a play at Dondy’s house and Anton did the mowing… and I was on regular milkbar duties!!

Dinner time…. sausages and ‘dip dip’!  Cheeky Daddy tried to give you the sausages without the sauce and was ordered to get it!  You swiped the bottle from the table and being Little Miss Independence had to try and put it on yourself.  I had to take a picture of you sucking on the bottle… it was only a second or two and actively discouraged, but amusing nonetheless!!   You are looking right at Daddy whilst doing it…. cheeky miss!  🙂

Oscar, Unky G (Uncle Gregg) your (middle)namesake dropped by for a surprise visit this morning.  He wasn’t able to hold you on Sunday when they visited as he had a cold and I think he was VERY keen to have a cuddle now he’s well.  I won’t write his CV again here as I have done in an earlier post 😉 Suffice it to say, you’ll love him!!

Your Daddy snapped this today when you and Mumma had passed out on the bed together.  It is so sweet to feel your tiny weight in my arms ♥


5 thoughts on “Dip dip!!

  1. Gosh – that last photo brings back some memories… He already looks so much bigger than 5 days ago – must be all that super food 😉 He is just divine and your little lady and the sauce bottle – heehee!

  2. That last photo of the two of you is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your babymoon days, I am really enjoying reliving some memories and seeing your sweet boy, I can almost smell the newborn baby smell. 🙂 Such precious times!

  3. The last photo….just bliss.
    I must stop looking at your little guy’s lovely newborn-ness, getting real clucky round here 😉
    Ok maybe I’ll just look at a few more posts 🙂

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