Not so sure…

March 5th, 2012…

It’s Monday, but Anton is home with us for 4 weeks…. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Rubyroo, we were trying to get you to pose next to your brother for a photo, but you weren’t keen… I love the way you are looking at him…. you’re really not quite sure about this new little creature who is demanding so much time and attention.  You rolled off the bed after this saying “Nooooooooooo” and that was that!

I promise you that one day, you will be great mates and he WILL be fun to play with, not just a squirmy little bundle attached to Mummy all the time 😉 xx

Little man, you sleep and susu and sleep and susu and have us all in love with you already!  Mummy feels so lucky to be able to nourish you and we’re getting the hang of each other 🙂  Your skin is so soft and those cheeks are just made for kissing!! xox


4 thoughts on “Not so sure…

  1. Oh yeah, making me clucky too! So, so beautiful. What a wonderful haze of love you must be in at the moment! We refer to breastfeeding as susu too, from the New Guinean side of our family. My youngest was affectionately called “susu boy” for his first couple of years.

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