Sunny Sunday.

March 4th, 2012….

Anton and I had a night of reminders as to what sleeping with a newborn is like…. noisy little critters!  And hungry too 😉  Mine are anyway!

Here you are on the ‘slippy dip’ at your cousin Asher’s birthday party.  Daddy took you out in the afternoon to the party so you didn’t miss out.  You had a really good time and Mummy wishes she had been there to play with you too!  I love your little face in this pic and just want to smooch you!!  Your joy on seeing me when you got home, made my heart sing 🙂

A daddy and his boy.  Two precious beings together, making my heart flutter and squeeze.  You’re a lucky wee boy to have this man for your Daddy.  xx


2 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday.

  1. Awww, melt my heat! What a precious photo of your boys together!

    Oscar reminds me so much of what Blake looked like as a newborn. They were about the same size born too 🙂 Blake was 8pd 4oz.

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