My walking hearts ♥♥♥

March 8th, 2012…

Yes, I stole that line from the divine Clare Bowditch and her heart squeezing song “My Walking Hearts”… “Of course I worry too much: how can I not, you’re my walking hearts”

I have three walking hearts now…. it’s terrifying and wonderful all at the same time!

We had a visit from Aunty Shell & baby Jaya today… so lovely for a Mama to see a soul sister!

Oooh, my heart flutters looking at this pic of you and your Daddy!  You were out pottering around the yard, just in your hat and your ‘croccydocs’… helping Daddy and talking to the neighbours.  You have the cutest bum and I think you were told that about 50 times yesterday 🙂

You are adjusting so well to your brother being in the house.  There’s a little of rushing to Mummy asking for ‘tuddles’ when you know I am about to pick Oscar up.  Sometimes when I’m about to feed Oscar you say “No Oscar, no susu” and look quite put out.  I’ve also been ordered to “Put Oscar back in there” a few times, as you point to the bassinette 😉

How is it that prior to your brother arriving I could still carry you around easily… but now you seem so heavy!

Cuddles with you are more precious than ever sweet girl xox

How many photos of a sleeping newborn can one take??  THOUSANDS I think 😉  You are just a little sleeping angel my boy.  Yes, ok, you have your night and day slightly skewiff at the moment, but that will pass.  I did have to convince you in the wee hours of last night  that it was sleep, not party, time!

I love the little milk spots on your nose.  In fact, writing this and looking at your pic makes me want to rush and smooch you!  Might just have to…… xxx


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