The little things…

March 9th, 2012…

It’s the little details I love, the tiny bits of those I love….

Your fuzzy fine morning hair.  Your sweet smooth neck. Your beadies – which you have worn since you were 5 months old. Your soft little ears.  Your ten cute toes and your ten ‘yummy baby’ fingers.  All these sweet small things make up you, Rubyroo and I am so grateful xxx

Such tiny perfect fingers, with their little scratchy newborn nails.  Your soft palms and pliable arms.  Precious turned in newborn feet, that I can already see stretching and changing. You sweet sweet toes, on feet already kissed a million times.

When you feed, I can see dimples…. ohhhhhh, I hope you have Daddy’s dimples!!! xxx


6 thoughts on “The little things…

  1. awww this made me think about my daughter’s newborn hands & feet! I too am a fan of the back of the neck when beads are worn. There’s something about it that just makes it so scrumptious…

  2. So beautiful!
    Those tiny details are so important to capture, because one day they suddenly disappear, and you can’t find your baby, as she has magically transformed into a big girl.
    I wish I’d taken more photos like those!

  3. It is funny – I was just spending today trying to get some more shots of my little man… I was tickling his soft little neck… so precious. But of course he is difficult to pin down.
    Lovely photos.

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