Rock chick!


March 10th, 2012…

An up and down kind of day… Miss Rubes fluctuating between her most charming and most testing…

Dancing girl… you started the day with a little grooving to Pearl Jam with Daddy and I.  You were getting into it and keen for us all to have a maraca (“shaker shaker”) to accompany our fantastic dancing.  Mummy’s music tastes have evolved over the years, but Dadda has always been into more ‘cool’ music.  If it moves you though baby girl, it’s worth listening to 🙂

We had a really nice afternoon (after the poo of all poos was cleaned away….woah!) at Meg & John’s.  You and your Dadda had such fun splashing in the pool!!  I love to see you playing together.  You were both so happy.

Today you had given your Daddy a hard time over a few things, testing him!  But after you finally submitted to your daytime sleep he went straight to the lounge to draw a big Upsy Daisy picture for you, because he said he wanted to “make my little girl smile”.

Siiiigggghhhhhh  xxx

Your first social event today little man.  You weren’t that fussed really and were more than happy just to sleep and susu with me for the afternoon.  I quite liked that… I can’t get enough of you 🙂  You’ve given a few fleeting smiles that make us melt.  I can’t wait to see many many more xxx


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