March 12th, 2012…

Morning spent at home with a visit from Dondy and Merle.  Ruby went to play at the Grandies house in the arvo and Oscar made his first venture to Germside, I mean, Chermside… 😉

You’re always babbling away Rubyroo!  You do some funny nursery rhyme mash ups that I wish I could catch and record!  But here’s a few other things you have said in the last month or so…

Ruby and I are in the shower and mascara is running down my cheeks….

R: (points) Little bit of poo dere!!


A: I love you Ruby

R: I want a car!


Ruby playing with a plastic turtle and her water cup, muttering away under breath.

Me: What are you saying, Ruby?

R: That’s fan-tas-tic, Mummy!! (enunciating like I am an idiot!)


I’m on the phone…

R: Want this one OFF! (pointing to phone)

Me: Would you like me to get off the phone Ruby?

R: Get. OFF. Phone!


Has a cute way of saying”Ruby wear them on” instead of Ruby put them on 🙂


R: Wiggles did a stinky poooooo!! (Announced randomly the other day)!!


Treegazing….this piccie was taken just after we got home today and you had a big feed.  You were so cute all bundled up in the hugabub on your first big outing today.  We had to go do medicare stuff and get Mummy a new phone contract sorted.  You slept peacefully the whole time, despite numerous admiration stops by passersby!  I can completely see why people think you are just gorgeous… and I am not biased at all!!

Off to grab you and smooch you now xxx


4 thoughts on “Ruby-isms…

  1. I treasure you and your little treasures too! Love the B+W pic of Oscar today. I wonder if Ruby will be asking ‘off phone now’ for a bit after you get your new iPhone?… I was warned that I’d lose my hubby for at least two weeks when he got his 😉 Mx

  2. I love the ruby-isms – I am going to keep a diary of all the funny things my one says (once he starts talking in a year of so!) And I don’t think you are biased at all! What a gorgeous little lamb!

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