Delirium reigns…

March 15th, 2012…

What a night… or really early morning….  It’s NOT that I expected to be sleeping well with a newborn, but top that with a teething toddler who woke just after 4 and didn’t go back to sleep…. well, no-one was quite sane at our house this morning!!

Sweet girl, we had a rough night and morning.  So many changes for you and your nasty big molars are moving around too.  This pic was taken after you woke from your daytime sleep.  Not surprisingly you slept for almost 3 hours today.  Much much needed!

You’re off with the fairies here… you do this a bit, just gaze into space.  Your Granny Chris does it too!  You’re having one of the few “steezytoobs” you are able to eat here.  They are generally not FODMAP friendly!  Your favourite is blueberry, banana and quinoa, but I think this was sweetcorn, pumpkin and chia.  Good for your lazy Mummy 😉 xxx

My darling little drunkard 🙂  All blissed out on the good stuff! Heehee….


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