Hanging out….

March 14th, 2012…

Granny Chris arrived for a visit this morning, which had Miss Rubes in a tizz!  Suns also came by which was nice for Mama 🙂

Missymoo, you, Oscar, Granny Chris and I vacated the house to Dondy and PaRoy’s after your sleep (yes, you napped today!) so that Daddy and PaRoy could work on putting in our dishwasher (yippeeeeeee).  There is so much fun stuff at your Grandies’ house, you love being there.  These toys you are playing with were Unky G’s and mine once.  It’s lovely to see you playing with them.

It was a really nice arvo, just hanging out with you, your brother and your gorgeous Grannies xox

My sweet boy, we had your hearing test today and the nurse had barely finished sticking the electrodes to you and turned the machine on and she said with surprise, “oh, he’s passed already!”.  You got her gold star award for the day 🙂

You then came very blissfully asleep with me to Chermside to get my new iPhone sorted out.

You have such a perfect little face, it makes me swoon xxx


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