What day is it??

March 13th, 2012…

Got a few days to catch up on now and they’re all blurring!  I have the pics, but as to what actually happened on each day, I am quite fuzzy about! Not surprising given a newborn and a toddler in da house 🙂

I knew Mummy had this voluminous skirt on for a reason!  It’s so great for hiding under, saying “Where’s Ruby?!”  🙂

Today was a no nap day for you. Siiigh……

We had a visit this morning from The Matriarch. My paternal Grandmother and your Great Grandmother.  Gran Sonny is 95 and Aaaa-maaaaaaaazing! Active, interested and could talk for Australia.  That’s genetic though and I’m thinking you sister has inherited the gene 😉  So wonderful for you to know some of your great grandparents.  They are all such special people who have been part of what has shaped who your Daddy and I are.

Great Gran was very pleased to meet you, darling boy xx


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