Saturday’s stuff….

Saturday March 24th, 2012….

Asher and Cherie dropped in this morning and after lunch we went out to do some errands (and hope Rubes would have nap in the car!).  We picked up our aboriginal artwork from the framer (Artland Indooroopilly) and it looks fantastic.  They did a really great job!

My two pics today are Instagram ones…. having a bit of fun with that on the new iPhone 🙂

You did have quite a big sleep in the car today in the end… which meant a later night.  We put some ‘In the Night Garden’ on for you and here you are glued!!  You’ve taken over my feeding chair as you think it’s the best chair in the house for watching the tube!!

A pit stop for a feed was required today whilst we were out and about… you fell asleep promptly your tummy was full and looked so cute with your face all smooshed up that Dadda had to take a pic.  Well, actually, Daddy’s first effort was strangely as much about my bosom as your sweet face, so we had to get a second shot 😉



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