I haven’t blogged any pictures for sometime as I have just found it too hard with the kids to manage… but yesterday I woke to the incredibly sad news that one of the Mamas in our Documenting Delight group had been tragically killed.  Along with her unborn child.
I didn’t know this Mama but her death has moved me deeply.  She leaves behind a husband and a two year old daughter. 

In honour of Kerryn and her family I have two pictures of me with the kids.  So in the future they know that I was IN life playing with and loving them.  Not just on the sidelines with a camera.
Dear Kerryn, love and light to you and your angel baby… rest in peace… xx
Ruby – 2 years & 3 months – ‘brushing Mumma’s hair’!  We’re rarely allowed to brush hers though 😉
Oscar – 6 months – giving Mummy a kiss xxx

23 thoughts on “Grateful.

  1. That is lovely! I will be doing the same today I think xx we should be so very grateful for what we have today. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog this morning, they really made me smile!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful Karen – and I LOVE the name of your blog! – being a rainbow person, it really speaks to me! I’ve been trying to think of a name for my own 366 project and haven’t managed to think of something I like yet. Thinking in rainbows might be a good place to start, thanks for the inspiration! Robyn xx

    • Thank you Robyn. The name came about when we were travelling in Tasmania and singing the ‘I can sing a rainbow’ song to our then 17 month old. We would wake in the mornings to her singing it to herself… so sweet! Good luck with your blog name!

  3. Beautiful, and you’re so right. Have been thinking of Kerryn and the family a lot since I saw that news yesterday. Like you, I didn’t know her but such a tragic reminder that we need to make the most of every moment x

  4. Both are sweet moments between you and your gorgeous two. It it so true, our kids need to see that we WERE there in these moments; playing, laughing, kissing with them 🙂
    I love the one of Oscar kissing you 🙂 Can’t believe he is 6 months already!

    • And we are right there! Usually with food and baby puke on us too 😉
      I know, I can’t believe Oscar is 6 months old already either! It has gone so fast… I want it to slow down a little and not have time keep stealing my baby away!

  5. what precious moments, yes – we want our photos to match the memories our children will have of us playing, cuddling, kissing! a lovely tribute to this special mama xx

  6. What cute photos of you guys! So sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. It’s true that most of the pictures I take are only of my toddler. When we’re out and about though, my husband does a pretty good job of getting a shot of me with our kiddo in there somewhere 🙂

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