Testing. Testing.

Tuesday March 20th,2012…

Ha!  Anton and I both can’t remember what we did today!  The kiddos were the focus… Miss Rubes testing all boundaries and pushing her parents’ (particularly Daddy’s) buttons!

My girl, I took this pic over your Dadda’s shoulder as you were eating lunch today… You’re looking so angelic here, but not long after this you were chucking food on the floor, just to irk your Dad it seemed.  There’s been some big changes in your world of late and you’re letting us know you’re processing it all!!

I do love your wispy hair and big eyes captured here.  We love you so much and really do understand your world has been rocked by your brother’s arrival!  You have been so sweet with him… just a bit contrary with your parents 🙂

Sweetieboy, this is pretty much where you wanted to spend the day today… either on or under the susus!  Your sister liked to hang out here too and sometimes I feel a little pang that I just can’t sit and let you, like I did with her.  We do get lots of cuddles together at night time which is lovely.  You are a noisy little critter, making all sorts of sounds through the day and night!

I can hear some now…. best get ready for feeding time 🙂 xxx


Dip dip!!

March 7th, 2012…

Another day around home for babymooning…  Ruby had a play at Dondy’s house and Anton did the mowing… and I was on regular milkbar duties!!

Dinner time…. sausages and ‘dip dip’!  Cheeky Daddy tried to give you the sausages without the sauce and was ordered to get it!  You swiped the bottle from the table and being Little Miss Independence had to try and put it on yourself.  I had to take a picture of you sucking on the bottle… it was only a second or two and actively discouraged, but amusing nonetheless!!   You are looking right at Daddy whilst doing it…. cheeky miss!  🙂

Oscar, Unky G (Uncle Gregg) your (middle)namesake dropped by for a surprise visit this morning.  He wasn’t able to hold you on Sunday when they visited as he had a cold and I think he was VERY keen to have a cuddle now he’s well.  I won’t write his CV again here as I have done in an earlier post 😉 Suffice it to say, you’ll love him!!

Your Daddy snapped this today when you and Mumma had passed out on the bed together.  It is so sweet to feel your tiny weight in my arms ♥

Sunny Sunday.

March 4th, 2012….

Anton and I had a night of reminders as to what sleeping with a newborn is like…. noisy little critters!  And hungry too 😉  Mine are anyway!

Here you are on the ‘slippy dip’ at your cousin Asher’s birthday party.  Daddy took you out in the afternoon to the party so you didn’t miss out.  You had a really good time and Mummy wishes she had been there to play with you too!  I love your little face in this pic and just want to smooch you!!  Your joy on seeing me when you got home, made my heart sing 🙂

A daddy and his boy.  Two precious beings together, making my heart flutter and squeeze.  You’re a lucky wee boy to have this man for your Daddy.  xx

Daddy’s girl

Friday 27th January…

We had an appointment with midwife at the birth centre this morning.  I am enjoying going there and the three midwives we have been allocated are lovely.  Not quite the same continuity of care as having the one midwife you’ve chosen throughout your pregnancy and birth, but pretty good really on the continuity front.  All was well 🙂

Ruby stayed home with her “Ganny Kiss” and I don’t think missed us at all!

Honeypie (we really do call you a multitude of pet names don’t we?!), when we got home from our midwife appointment today you ran to the door shouting “Mummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” with a big smile on your face… we could have melted!

We lay down for our daytime sleep and it was delicious as I had the fan on and you were very snuggly.  I tried to get up several times as I was busting to go to the loo and your baby brother/sister was getting higher and higher under my ribs!  Everytime I tried to get up though you’d snuggle in a bit more…. sigghhh, bliss.  Eventually I had to get up and managed to extricate myself.  I left the door open as we’d been asleep for almost three hours!  Your Dadda saw his opening and crept in and lay down to look at you, you sleeping angel.  I love that he wants to do such things. I love the relationship that you have with each other, so precious.

We took Granny Chris for lunch at the sushi train after our sleep… you loved that 🙂 And you got more than your fair share of my boost juice as usual!!  Mummy’s a soft touch, huh?!  xox


Incy Wincy…

Sunday 22nd January…

My darling Mum actually stayed the night with Ruby in her bed so that Anton and I could have a good sleep and actually sleep in the same bed… it was nice to have a snuggle 😉  Mum whisked Ruby off to her place at about 530 so we could sleep in too!!

Little one, I think when we got to Dondy & PaRoy’s house to pick you up this morning about 9, you were already tired…. having been up since 5!  We were trying to get a family pic with you on the climbing frame, but you were really not keen.  I was trying to get you to do Incy Wincy spider here, which you usually do readily, but I think you were just thinking, c’mon, let’s go people!!  And also wondering what your Pa was doing dancing around in his lycra bike shorts… heeheee….

We headed out for breakfast, which you loved as the cafe had a kiddy play area and they catered to our gluten & dairy free needs no probs!  (The Hutch Bistro)  You gobbled up your eggies and bacon very fast.  Then it was home for a snuggly sleep (Yum!) with me before I had to head off to work (not so yum).

You’re fast asleep in bed now with your Dadda… I crept in before and kissed your little knees…. so sweet you are….

“Sweet, sweet, sweet
The way you make me feel
Sweet, sweet, sweet
I can’t believe you’re real”

– Lamb “Sweet”

Love you little one, Mama xxx


Strange old day…

I decided to sleep with Ruby last night, I miss her little body in the bed and her skin and softness, so I thought I would see how we went.  Between her restlessness and my sore hips, restless leg syndrome, pregnant bladder and a headache I had a cr*p sleep and woke up feeling like death warmed up this morning.   Anton came in to say morning about 6.30 and was greeted by a groaning wife and a daughter who was keen to ‘hop up hop up!”.  I lay there a while longer, had a big cry (hormones?? exhaustion??) then I did get up, took some panadol and crawled back into our bed and pretty much pulled the covers over my head.  My wonderful husband got the message and took carer’s leave from work.  I then woke up again at 11!

I wasn’t really sure why I had a big cry, but my perceptive man suggested that maybe I was sad because I was realising I couldn’t sleep with Ruby anymore, or for a while anyway.  And I definitely think he’s right…  He took this pic today when I lay down with Ruby for her daytime sleep….

Something was different about getting you to sleep today…maybe we both know things are changing with our sleeping arrangements… usually you turn away and put your back against me when you’re about to drop off.  Today you turned to me and put your dear little face close to mine, then drifted off.  One of those moments where I wish I could blink my eyes and take a pic of what’s there before me.  If Mummy needs to find some sense of self preservation and sleep in another bed at night time, at least we can still have our daytime naps for a while longer!!

I have an extra ‘grateful for’ to document today…

This man, this man… the love of my life and most awesome Dad to my girl.  He looked after us both so well today… he always does look after us and we are so blessed to have in our lives, loving us and taking care of us.

I love those dimples 🙂  And how sexy is a man with washing up gloves on?! Heehee….

January 6th, 2012

A day of ups and downs…

The night went ok…. Anton says Ruby stirred and cried a few times, but settled well for him.  Keen to see Mummy this morning and had a brief snuggle in bed before that was too ‘slow’ for Ruby!  Once A left for work though, Mummy couldn’t do much right… Ruby was getting frustrated with EVERYTHING and I wasn’t allowed to help 😦

I decided that a trip to the library was a good idea and distraction for us both.  I was right, we lucked into a toddler rhymes session with a friend and her little girl AND beloved Dondy met us for a play and a coffee.  Ruby was quite amusing at the rhymes session… standing in the middle of everything, taking it all in and then starting to do her funny little dance which we think is adorable, but is certainly a style of her own!

I struggled to choose just one pic today (what’s new) as I took a couple outside playing with the hose (onto a winner) where I had actually fiddled with settings and thought some were a little arty (for me!)…. but I decided on the below…. it kind of fit with the sleeping theme at our house at the moment.

Beautiful girl, look at you, you sleeping angel!  This is why, depsite almost two years of broken sleep, I have mostly loved bedsharing with you.  This is what is before my eyes when I open them.  And your silky skin is right there for me to stroke and touch.  If only your sleep was always this peaceful though!  Tonight as I lay with you whilst you went to sleep you put my hand on your bottom and said “dat one”… meaning I had to pat it.  Then once patted enough, you took my hand and wrapped it around your side.  Your Daddy and I will never deny you that security if you need and we can possibly be there, I promise!

“Who’ll be my love
You’ll be my love
You’ll be my sky above
Who’ll be my light
You’ll be my light
You’ll be my day and night….”

(Cat Stevens – Rubylove)

Mama xx

January 5th, 2012

It’s a big day today… or night tonight!  Ruby is sleeping in her own room for the first time!  Not in our room/bed as it has been for the last 19 months….  Daddy A is going to sleep with her tonight… and then one of us for a while I think until she is used to it.  I’m not sure who the transition will be harder on.  Ruby or me?!  Possibly the latter 😉

Back to two pics today….

I looked over at you and wondered what this was all about!  It seems you were chomping on your right big toe!!  As you told me after “yummy baby toes”…. I think I hear myself echoed…..

Look at your gorgeous smile!  Playing the fool (pushing me with your feet and moving your high chair, ‘boomping’ your head, making chomp chomp sound effects) whilst eating dinner and Mumma laughing at you only encouraged things.  Your laugh is a wonderful, heart moving sound, my darling girl! x

January 2nd, 2012

As it was intended to be, this project is already a reminder to ‘be with’ Ruby, not to just be around.  Also making me appreciate her more (not that I thought that really possible).  But Documenting the Delight that IS your child helps with the tougher moments of parenting…. like tantrums in Spotlight this afternoon because Ruby wanted to ” ‘raude ‘raude” and we were restricting her!

So hard to pick just one picture of my girl!  I can only begin to imagine how tough it would be if I took fabulous pictures!  So there’s 3 again today.  I promise to try and reduce it….. 😉

7am-ish this morning, ready to head out for a walk with Mama and Daddy got out the bubble stick.  You love bubbles and chasing them around!  Mummy loves them too 🙂  At Woodford Folk Festival you spent some of your Christmas money from Great Gran on a beautiful handmade bubble wand… with a ‘ruby’ in the stem!  Unky Chris & Moo are waiting on the footpath to go walking with us.

Wild girl!  You’re a rough and tumble little girl sometimes and love to wrestle with Daddy!  You’re on the king single bed that’s been next to our big bed.  99% of the time you have been in the big bed with us since you were a teeny tiny newborn.  Mummy & Dadda have plans to get you sleeping in a bed in ‘Ruby’s room’… don’t worry though, it will still be queen sized, so one of us can be with you if you need.  You’ve never been that baby that sleeps peacefully for hours, but I haven’t minded mostly and have loved having you bedshare with us.  Snuggles with you are so very precious xxx

Groovy Baby!!!  That’s what we said to you when you put your first sunnies on, little pink ones… and now you say it when you do!  You are so cheeky and pleased with yourself, strutting around in your glasses.  This is before our outing this afternoon, sitting in the drivers seat for a minute or two.  I think that’s how you like life my independent Ruby, having yourself at the helm!  I love this strength about you (and it challenges me!).

I love you baby girl, Mama x