My girl ♥

February 24th, 2012…

Another beautiful cool rainy day…. so lovely!

It was a day around home today, lots of “tuddles” on the couch and a wonderful big sleep together!  Today I am 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant with your little brother or sister… it was at this point you made your entrance and we got to meet you.  You were an individual from the start, pointing your cute little rump at us, rather than your head!  To this day it is still the cutest botbot around 🙂

I can’t believe you are going to be a big sister soon… you still are so little and feel like my baby.  I carry you around a lot, seems to suit both of us at times… you particularly at the moment.  I do wonder how I will work all this out when ‘Vonu’ arrives!

Today we were watching some water births on the TV, you told me wide-eyed “baby been borned” and were quite interested in them having susu and requested “Ruby try it!”… Despite a good solid 15 and a bit months of breast-feeding, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten what to do Missy… licking and giggling ain’t gonna cut it 😉

Looking forward to so many more “tuddles” with you xox