Thursday March 22nd, 2012…

Well, the blog has gotten away from me a bit!  I can’t remember a whole lot about this day (I’m going to have to start scribbling notes somewhere for when I am playing catchups like this!) except that we went to Chermside and bought underwear and sushi, Oscar and I had Osteopath appointment…. and Anton and I were both really tired….

“You my angel” you’ve started saying to me… Not that you are saying it TO me, but you’re preempting what I could be about to say to you and must have said to you a lot!  And you are my angel, even on days like today when you have been tessssssssssting I have only to look at your dear little face with these lashes and you’re forgiven.

We want to be gentle with you and not disciplinarians….and we want you to know boundaries and respect for people and things.  I am reminding myself a lot lately that you are not yet two and you are learning and the world has changed for you.  I know you being able to express your distress is healthy I hate hearing you cry (‘tantrum’)!!

We are all learning on this journey together aren’t we?! xx

Swaddled?!!  Yes, it seems you like to be swaddled!  I hadn’t tried it because Ruby never liked it… but the other night I thought I would give it a go and you slept quite peacefully while Dadda and I ate dinner!  I hope you turn into a super sleeper little man… that would be a treat for your Mum and Dad! 🙂

Looking at this pic makes me want to run and stroke your soft little head xxx



Testing. Testing.

Tuesday March 20th,2012…

Ha!  Anton and I both can’t remember what we did today!  The kiddos were the focus… Miss Rubes testing all boundaries and pushing her parents’ (particularly Daddy’s) buttons!

My girl, I took this pic over your Dadda’s shoulder as you were eating lunch today… You’re looking so angelic here, but not long after this you were chucking food on the floor, just to irk your Dad it seemed.  There’s been some big changes in your world of late and you’re letting us know you’re processing it all!!

I do love your wispy hair and big eyes captured here.  We love you so much and really do understand your world has been rocked by your brother’s arrival!  You have been so sweet with him… just a bit contrary with your parents 🙂

Sweetieboy, this is pretty much where you wanted to spend the day today… either on or under the susus!  Your sister liked to hang out here too and sometimes I feel a little pang that I just can’t sit and let you, like I did with her.  We do get lots of cuddles together at night time which is lovely.  You are a noisy little critter, making all sorts of sounds through the day and night!

I can hear some now…. best get ready for feeding time 🙂 xxx


Monday March 19th, 2012…

Ruby, Oscar and I headed for the Grandies today so that Anton and PaRoy could work on getting the dishwasher installed.  So it was we 3, plus Dondy and Asher…. and somehow it was bedlam.  Seriously, Mum and I could have used a stiff drink by the end of the day.  Refereeing and pottying and distracting and peacemaking and feeding and…. well hats off to anyone who has more than one child or works in childcare!!

Here you and Asher are, looking like little cherubs together.  Sitting nicely, reading your birdbooks.  You really are little cherubs, just highly spirited ones!!  You just love one another and I fear will get into all manner of mischief together throughout your lives 🙂  I don’t think Asher will be the ringleader though…..

Oscarboy, you had a little playdate too… well, a drinking susu date, with Miss Chloe.  Chloe’s Mum is a friend of Mummy’s and Chloe is about 6 weeks older than you.  She’s gorgeously chubbier at the moment, but I think you’re making it your business to catch up, and fast!

I just had to put this pic in because I loved it…. 3 dear little feet… Asher, Ruby (yes, that’s blue toenail polish) and Oscar…. all these little feet leave many many footprints on my heart ♥

Family time…

Sunday March 18th, 2012…

Starting to feel very sleepy as I write this!  Yawnnnn…… We had a good bit of family time around home today.  Peppered with a visit from the the gorgeous Georgia of Georgia Peach Pictures this morning to do some newborn shots of Oscar. Then in the arvo a pop in from some other gorgeous ones (thank you Ange, Alex, Luca & Taj!).

Rubyroo, you are such a busy little girl.  I get worn out just watching you!  You’re always standing on something that’s likely to tip up or balancing on something inappropriate.  Seconds after this pic was taken you flipped yourself over the couch arm headfirst. I’m torn between delight in your no holds barred go get ’em ways and seriously thinking I am going to have heart failure with your antics one day!  I think enrolling you in the Aunty Megan’s gymnastic classes asap is the only option 😉

A sleeping angel on my lap.  A little face that’s chubbing up, eyelashes thickening and rosebud mouth that just wants to have susu in it ALL. THE. TIME!

Delirium reigns…

March 15th, 2012…

What a night… or really early morning….  It’s NOT that I expected to be sleeping well with a newborn, but top that with a teething toddler who woke just after 4 and didn’t go back to sleep…. well, no-one was quite sane at our house this morning!!

Sweet girl, we had a rough night and morning.  So many changes for you and your nasty big molars are moving around too.  This pic was taken after you woke from your daytime sleep.  Not surprisingly you slept for almost 3 hours today.  Much much needed!

You’re off with the fairies here… you do this a bit, just gaze into space.  Your Granny Chris does it too!  You’re having one of the few “steezytoobs” you are able to eat here.  They are generally not FODMAP friendly!  Your favourite is blueberry, banana and quinoa, but I think this was sweetcorn, pumpkin and chia.  Good for your lazy Mummy 😉 xxx

My darling little drunkard 🙂  All blissed out on the good stuff! Heehee….

Challenging enchantress…

February 13th, 2012…

Lots of things to catch up on after a weekend away…. I thought I wasn’t going to get much done and then…..

…. your Dondy and PaRoy offered to take you to Nursery Rhymes at the library with Asher!  Yay…. for your sake (and Mummy’s…)!  It’s amazing how much Mama can get done around the house in an hour & half without you here, my darling distraction 🙂

This pic was taken after your sleep and during lunch… you’re being bold and cheeky… too traits that I love about you, helping you to face the world and explore it… and traits that make me tear my hair out at times, when you’re running off despite being asked to stop or playing with the power point again, whilst looking at me to see my reaction!!

Aye aye aye…. enchanting and challenging, that’s you, Rubyroo 🙂 xxx

A gap in the story…

February 3rd, 2012.

I didn’t take a photo today.  Not a single one.  Ruby woke up grizzly and stayed that way. Mummy not feeling very rational about anything!

I dropped Ruby at my folks house about 930.  Couldn’t wait to drop her off as I was feeling quite acopic.

Cried all the way to my acupuncture appointment.  Some out of guilt (wanted to run back and smooch my baby!).  Some out of exhaustion. Some out of pregnancy hormones.  Thank goodness my acupuncturist is also a dear friend, so he hugged me, gave me tissues and a beautiful nurturing treatment.

Got home, had a restless sleep.  Maybe I need Ruby to get me to sleep in the daytime??

Went to Aldi, bought big bag of naughty treats for work as a little thankyou.

Got to work.  Lovely afternoon tea organised and generous voucher (VERY grateful, I promise!).

Worked busy busy last shift.  I was uncomfortable, sweating & red in the face!  Cared for some lovely people… and one who pushed my compassion to its limits!!!  Cried a little with a patient over a completely unexpected cancer diagnosis.

Was very keen to hug and kiss my family when I got home…. after a shower to wash of the ‘grime’ of the shift.

Poor Ruby unsettled and needed big cuddles from Mummy and lots of little ones from Dadda throughout the night.  We’ve come to conclusion she is cutting a couple of her big molars… drooling and face slightly puffy and so miserable.  Bloody teeth!!  I just wish they’d all come through and get the pain over with for her (and us).

So, because there is no pic from today… I am going to cheat and use one from yesterday.  One that makes me smile and kicks me in the pants about being too frazzled 😉

You and your friend Ains.  Being cheeky girls.  You were putting your foot in your mouth, literally.  Ains was laughing at you and then decided to try it too!  All Sunny and I could do was shake our heads and stop you from falling off the stools.  I think you and Ains are going to be good pals, my girl.  Good friends are such a gift and I hope you have some precious ones throughout your life.  Mummy has some beautiful close girl friends who have been with her through thick and thin.  Friends are something to always be very grateful for and to respect & nurture.

Someone wise once said “Friends are the family you choose for yourself”… and it is so true!

Night night little girl o’ mine xx

Lucky she is cute!!

Saturday 28th January…

I really have so much to be grateful for today… not one, but two lovely family catch ups, a great acupuncture session (loooooong overdue) and my husband and mum-in-law just did the washing up!  Yet, I am still feeling blah!

Had a lot of trouble deciding on a pic for today…. I think in finding the energy to journal about it too….

Little one, I woke to you sitting up in the bed saying “everybody here!” – meaning you, Dadda and I…♥ Your Granny Chris is borrowing your bed while she stays so you are in with us for a bit.  I slept most of the night on the king single on the floor and you with Dadda…but when I got up to go to the toilet at 5am you were lying horizontally across the bed on the pillows with your feet in Daddy’s back!  Daddy was asleep, but clinging to the edge of the bed!!  So I got in and snuggled you up to me… which Mummy liked a bit 😉 and you seemed to like too…  We had a lovely morning – we made a smoothie and then went to Dondy and PaRoy’s for brekky.  Mumma went from there to an acupuncture appt with Uncle PK… and when I came home I hoped you’d be sound asleep so I could climb in with you…. but I could hear you talking and crying a bit.  Granny Chris told me Daddy had been trying to get you to sleep for an hour and a half!!  I came in and lay down with you, but after another half an hour we gave up…. so the pic above was taken just after we got up again… your eyes look so tired to Mama, but you were demanding to look at “photo o’ Ruby” on Granny Chris’ laptop….

We had a really nice evening at Aunty Mel & Uncle Chris’ house… you played with your cousins and we had fish and chips for dinner 🙂  Dinner time was like feeding time at the zoo!!

So a day of challenges and delights, you’re lucky you’re cute!

You crashed out in about 5 minutes tonight… Mama’s joining you soooooon!  xox