Planketty plank!

Sunday March 25th, 2012…

Seriously, what happened today??  Ummmmm…. a visit to Mel & Chris’ in the arvo to see my Uncle and Aunt.  I was soooo brave… I put Oscar in the carrier and clutched Ruby’s hand and walked all of about 100 metres down the street with both children by myself 😉  Ha!!  Can you tell I am slightly freeeeeeeeeeeaaaaking out about Anton going back to work next week??!

Here you are again my girl, throwing yourself around the place.  This time slightly assisted by Daddy… or maybe he was defending himself?!  You were almost doing a perfect plank before I took this, but camera is too slow and your little legs starting thrashing, as they are want to do!  Signing you up for the circus, ok?!

Nuff said ♥


Ruby said….

February 15th, 2012

Mostly a day around home… A sparky put a new ceiling fan into Ruby’s room, which is fab!  Wonderful Dondy came to clean wondows and screens, as part of a present to welcome our new one home when they arrive.  Ach, tearing up just writing that!

Things you’ve said….

R: Mummy’s knickienoonas (knickers)

Me: Yes, darling, that’s right.

R: Very big!!!

Whilst stepping over a fallen palm frond –

“Watch out for da pineapple!”

Ruby is found standing quietly in the corner…

Granny Chris (GC): What are you doing, Ruby?

R: Poo!

Ruby comes out of room…

GC: Did you do a poo Ruby? Shall we change your nappy?


GC: Well, what were you doing in the corner?

R: (slyly) Hiding!

In the shower with Daddy, shouting the names for certain body parts… Daddy cringing 🙂

Sitting eating breakfast at the dining table….

R: Mummy on Daddy!!! Mummy on Daddy!!

A: Pardon Ruby??

R: Put it away!!!

A: I swear if anyone is listening we are just eating bacon and eggs!!

Me: laughing a LOT!

Please keep making us laugh our funny girl!  It is so precious xox


Rain, a well behaved placenta and Ikea!

Wednesday 25th January….

Well, so it rained a lot this morning…. soaking rain.  I love it and am appreciating the cool change.  Not so great for those getting flooded or evacuated 😦

‘Well behaved placenta’ you ask??  At the 19 week scan with ‘Vonu’ they said our placenta was a wee bit close to my cervix and needed to move away.  We had follow up scan today at 34 weeks and it’s well away now.  I could have told them this.  I just knew that it had moved… but in their clinical world, Mama’s intuition doesn’t count for much unfortunately!  Apparently bub is the same size now, at 34 weeks that Ruby was at 38 weeks when she arrived… I have been telling people this too!!  I know it’s only a guesstimate really though and no-one can accurately tell the size of a baby until they’re out and about!!

After sleeps and lunch today I suggested to my husband that a trip to Ikea to get a bookshelf for Ruby’s room (plus a few other things) might be an idea…. and to my surprise, he agreed!!!  Oh happy days….  what is it about Ikea??? Especially for we women anyway?!  Ruby thought it was great!

So, possibly despite Daddy’s better judgment, we made a trip to Ikea this afternoon!  You thought it was wonderful, all the space and things to look at.  Even things to play with… they sure cater to little ones like you well!  (We are trying to discourage you from running off at the moment… it’s hard because often your joy is palpable when you are excited and do it, but there are times when it is not safe and we REALLY need you to learn to stop when we say “stop!”).  You were happy in the trolley for the most part and somehow the bag kept filling with things for Ruby that we didn’t realise you needed 🙂  You thought the mirror section was great and posed and pulled funny faces at yourself!

Your language skills are taking another jump at the moment and you’re not only repeating all the multi syllable words you love, but you are stringing sentences together (“I like this one” – bringing me a book) and using words at times that astound Daddy and I… like at Ikea when Daddy put you in a chair and pulled a cover over you, you told us “Ruby disappear!”  Your memory for songs, rhymes and stories you like is amazing too.

You are a clever little munchkin!  Your Granny Chris arrives tomorrow for a few days with us (you!) and it will be so nice for you two to have time together 🙂

Sweet dreams sleeping angel, see you in the morning xox