Herby helper!

January 31st, 2012

2nd last shift today!  Woohoo!  Good thing too as I am a walking contraction (of the Braxton Hicks kind… I think/hope!) at work… it’s mad!  And alarming for colleagues when I clutch my belly when a strong one hits 😉   Oooh… having a cracker as I type….. woah….

My little budding chef….  you love helping in the kitchen.   Hopefully you will like cooking and be a really good cook like your Dadda!  Mummy managed to get the slow cooker on before she went to work today…. some organic beef, with pumpkin and potatoes… very plain, but then your little tum can handle it and Daddy and Granny Chris could tart it up to their liking!  I did make a bouquet garni with fresh herbs from our garden for on top, but you were fairly keen to get your hands on this…. eating some and pulling other pieces out and throwing them into the pot with vigour 🙂

I’ll get you to help me with some more cupcakes soon…. that’s fun!  xox