January 1st, 2012

It’s actually the wee hours of the 2nd of Jan, but I worked an evening shift so am just getting to this now!

I couldn’t choose just one pic for 1/1…maybe I will get better at that as time goes on!

Ruby, your Dadda took this pic while I was at work today… I love seeing and getting pics of you whilst at work, because I miss you (even when I have thought I needed a break!).  You’re in a favourite perch looking out the back windows at the birds and trees with your exquisite eyes.

This morning we had bacon, eggs and toast for breaky… your favourite meal I think! “Bake-in an’ eggies”.  You love sitting up at the table with Mummy and Daddy and point out whose cutlery and chairs are whose!

You had Mumma awake early this morning…. by 5 I think!  I managed to keep you drowsy by cuddling you close until about 545, but then it was “det up, det up!”, so we got up and let Dadda have a sleep in.  We hung some washing out before we went for a walk around the park.  You have your new ‘crocs’ on in this pic, you love shoes!!  Not sure who you get that from, because Mummy isn’t an Immelda!

This pic makes me catch my breath because I see so much of my baby still, but also so much of the little girl emerging….