Baby Jailbird!

Wednesday March 28th, 2012…

Domesticity reigns… washing, eating and a visit from the pest control man to assess termites in the yard…

Miss cheeky!!  Skye & Dylan from next door popped over to chat with the pest control man as they’ve termites in their yard too.  You are about 5 weeks older than Dylan and you’re very cute together.  I had lots of fun hanging out with Dylan’s mum when we were pregnant with you both.  And I know we’re going to keep having lots of fun with them through the years 🙂  We have a lovely community going in our street and area!  So many kids to play with and families to support one another.  Very blessed!

My baby jailbird!  You look so cute in your stripes today 🙂  And wouldn’t you know it… as I start typing about you I can hear you stirring!  You’re having more alert periods through the day now and turning your head to Dadda and Ruby’s voices more often too. It’s so lovely getting to know you sweet boy xx



Monday March 19th, 2012…

Ruby, Oscar and I headed for the Grandies today so that Anton and PaRoy could work on getting the dishwasher installed.  So it was we 3, plus Dondy and Asher…. and somehow it was bedlam.  Seriously, Mum and I could have used a stiff drink by the end of the day.  Refereeing and pottying and distracting and peacemaking and feeding and…. well hats off to anyone who has more than one child or works in childcare!!

Here you and Asher are, looking like little cherubs together.  Sitting nicely, reading your birdbooks.  You really are little cherubs, just highly spirited ones!!  You just love one another and I fear will get into all manner of mischief together throughout your lives 🙂  I don’t think Asher will be the ringleader though…..

Oscarboy, you had a little playdate too… well, a drinking susu date, with Miss Chloe.  Chloe’s Mum is a friend of Mummy’s and Chloe is about 6 weeks older than you.  She’s gorgeously chubbier at the moment, but I think you’re making it your business to catch up, and fast!

I just had to put this pic in because I loved it…. 3 dear little feet… Asher, Ruby (yes, that’s blue toenail polish) and Oscar…. all these little feet leave many many footprints on my heart ♥

What a bot!

March 1st, 2012…

Another hot day, but I was in a much better frame of mind, determined that Ruby and I would have a good day!  And we did 🙂

Nudie cutie!  You love being nude and you love playing with water (I think I’ve mentioned this before!!).  You spent ages (as long as my conscience could cope) standing at the sink ‘washing’ your little colourful bowls.  I had the tap on just a drizzle, but that was enough for you, my mermaid!

To make the most of the water today we went to Megan & John’s in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours in and out of their fabulous pool…. so nice for both of us, but maybe especially so for Mummy so I could be weightless for a while!  You loved watching the big kids run riot diving, splashing and being silly 🙂

Some more water time this weekend may just be in order…. xox

A beautiful Blessingway!

February 19th, 2012…

What a lovely Sunday!  I had my Blessingway at Mum & Dad’s house in the afternoon, surrounded by beautiful amazing women from all areas and times of my life.  I feel so loved and so lucky!!

Look at you, grubby guts!!  We spent Sunday morning at Dondy & PaRoy’s house doing some baking and prep for my Blessingway in the afternoon.  I had made some FODMAP friendly cupcakes… and guess who got to lick the beaters and the bowl???  You had a great time licking and getting gooey batter everywhere!  The whole bowl even ended up over your head, which made Dondy and I laugh (as discretely as we could!).

I had a beautiful afternoon tea, surrounded by amazing women.  All of them so smart, so strong and so wonderful in their own way.  You and I are a lucky girls to be part of such a circle of women, my darling Ruby.  I hope you can make and find amazing support in a circle of your own as you grow and blossom into womanhood (not too fast at that though!!).


Old friends and new….

February 14th, 2012…

A visit to another friend’s today… more nurturing for me, how blessed am I?!

Today we visited Mummy’s friend, Jodie, and her lovely little Leila.  You and Leila are both bright and at times intense creatures and it was lovely to see you interacting and playing.  Leila was very good at sharing her toys with you. You were so excited by all the new things to play with that you were buzzing about all over the place!  Jodie is very creative so there were lots of arty opportunities 🙂

Jodie and Mummy have been friends since we were 3 years old!  That’s a loooooooooong time!  Our friendship has changed and grown over the years and I feel very lucky to have her in my life still.  I hope you have some precious friends like this to see you through, my Rubylove xxx

“Old friend, though our lives may change

and the years may come and go,

this friendship will remain.”

Nadia Sunde – The time of our lives.


Beach babes…

February 12th, 2012…

Last day in Coffs… a weekend goes way too fast.  Anton and I appreciate the generosity and the hospitality of our wonderful friends so much!  Talk about feeling nurtured!!

Quite a few pics for today… Too hard to choose 😉

You’re such a brave little girl!  Out into the waves with your Dadda, just loving it!  The light in this pic mirrors the light in my heart when I see you two playing together ♥

Playing in the sand with the big kids – Hannah, Dom & Lucy. You loved Lucy and she loved you!  Your big sister for the weekend… we all wanted to bring her home with us!

You just loved being at the beach, in the sand and the water.  Your joy reflected how Mummy feels about being by the sea and in the salty water.  There is something so good for the soul about it and I’m sure you feel that little one!  We picked up rocks and shells and played in swirling pools of water.  I could have played with you there all day!

After the beach we went back to our ‘holiday house’ and had a delicious breakfast of bacon & eggs (fresh from the chookies!). So yummy, you munched munched it all up!

Then it came time to say ‘goodbye’ sadly… and head back to Brisbane.  The weekend went way too fast, didn’t it?!

“These are the days, days to remember.

These are the days, I don’t want to forget”

(not sure of artist – from ‘The Gift, A woman’s song’)

Just one more picture for this post….

Not long now until you come earthside our wee angel… We are really looking forward to meeting you and lavishing our love on you.  Mummy will miss your wriggles in her belly though! xxx





Farm girl…

February 11th, 2012…

2nd day at our Moonee Beach House 🙂

Wait for meeeeeeeee!  Chasing after Uncle Roy to feed the chookies!

Yes, we do, we do love Ruby!!  Peering into the chookie shed 🙂

It had been raining… I turned around to take some macro shots of water droplets on foliage… turned back to discover you had found the leaking guttering and were standing under it having a lovely time!!  Give you a drip of water and you’re happy 🙂

Whilst the big kids were all at dance class, we explored the garden and fed the chooks and rabbits.  You loved it.  You also loved the kisses you got from Georgie the dog, finding it very amusing.

We all had fish and chips together for dinner…. yipppeeeeeee… you loved that, sitting up the table, saying “Everybody here” waving your little hand around.  “All the family!”… yep, that’s right, these wonderful friends are our family too 🙂



February 9th, 2012…

Busy, but great morning.  Dietician appointment for Ruby with the lovely Julie of New Life Nutrition. 

Then we met Sunny & Ains at Southbank for a swim and play.  I have lived in Brisbane for most of my life, but never swum there!!  Rubes did make a social faux pas by number 2-ing in her swim nappy… this along with the pool water made it into a number 3… thank goodness for the showers 😉  And chlorine.  Apologies to that other nice Mum we were near who disappeared after that…..

Spurting water?!  Why have I not been here before Mum??!

Having a fabulous time… right before we needed to shower 🙂

Ruby & Ains in action!

Another picture??  C’mon Mum! Give a girl a break!

What a wonderful place for you and your friend Ains to play this morning Rubyroo!!  And for your pregnant Mummies to wallow in the cool too.  Mummy’s right foot actually returned to normal size, albeit briefly, thanks to moving about in the cold water!  You loved all the fountain and playing in the sand.  You looked around in amazement when we first got there and said “All dese people!!!”.

You were one tired little munchkin by the time we were leaving and I managed to keep you awake most of the way home by singing nursery rhymes with you… but you crashed about two minutes from home.  Usually that would mean sitting in the car until you woke or having you wake when we stopped and think that 5 minutes sleep meant 2 hours… BUT today you transferred!!!!!!!  Wonder of wonders….

Off to get some packing done before you wake!!

Thanks for taking me “fwimming” today!  I love you, love, Mama xxx

She sells seashells….

February 8th, 2012…

Rubes and I went to Caloundra today to visit a gorgeous girlfriend for lunch and a swim and to catch up with another friend we hadn’t seen for a while.  The drive there was slightly harrowing with Ruby making a sort of whiney fake cry noise for large portion of the way.  She’s doing this a lot at the moment… What do we do with this??  Do we respond compassionately all the time or ignore it or tell her firmly to stop??  I have to admit I alternated between all of these today!  Ruby also managed to get her arms out of the shoulder straps of the carseat twice and I had to pull off the highway and strap her back in properly!!  Sheesh… as I have said before, she is lucky she is cute!! 🙂

Munchkin chops, today we went to the coast to visit Mummy’s darling friend “Aunty Ange”… you two had a mutual love fest go on straight away of course… which was lovely  🙂  You gave Mummy a bit of a hard time on the drive there, but were such a darling once we got there.  You found a bucket of shells on the deck at Ange’s and were happily taking them in and out.  We went for a swim in the big pool at the apartment and you had a ball!  You’re such a little mermaid 🙂   Tazzy met the 3 of us for lunch and you thought she was pretty nice too.  And considering she agreed with Aunty Ange that you were very ‘edible’ I think you had better watch out!  All this socialising meant you and Mummy missed our midday sleep… so as soon as we were in the car to drive home, you flaked!!

Mummy is very pleased that Aunty Ange and her 3 boys have moved to Caloundra…. hopefully we can play with them often now!

I hope you sleep well darling girl…. we’ve another social day tomorrow… and off to Coffs Harbour for the weekend… so we had better all rest up!!  xxx


A gap in the story…

February 3rd, 2012.

I didn’t take a photo today.  Not a single one.  Ruby woke up grizzly and stayed that way. Mummy not feeling very rational about anything!

I dropped Ruby at my folks house about 930.  Couldn’t wait to drop her off as I was feeling quite acopic.

Cried all the way to my acupuncture appointment.  Some out of guilt (wanted to run back and smooch my baby!).  Some out of exhaustion. Some out of pregnancy hormones.  Thank goodness my acupuncturist is also a dear friend, so he hugged me, gave me tissues and a beautiful nurturing treatment.

Got home, had a restless sleep.  Maybe I need Ruby to get me to sleep in the daytime??

Went to Aldi, bought big bag of naughty treats for work as a little thankyou.

Got to work.  Lovely afternoon tea organised and generous voucher (VERY grateful, I promise!).

Worked busy busy last shift.  I was uncomfortable, sweating & red in the face!  Cared for some lovely people… and one who pushed my compassion to its limits!!!  Cried a little with a patient over a completely unexpected cancer diagnosis.

Was very keen to hug and kiss my family when I got home…. after a shower to wash of the ‘grime’ of the shift.

Poor Ruby unsettled and needed big cuddles from Mummy and lots of little ones from Dadda throughout the night.  We’ve come to conclusion she is cutting a couple of her big molars… drooling and face slightly puffy and so miserable.  Bloody teeth!!  I just wish they’d all come through and get the pain over with for her (and us).

So, because there is no pic from today… I am going to cheat and use one from yesterday.  One that makes me smile and kicks me in the pants about being too frazzled 😉

You and your friend Ains.  Being cheeky girls.  You were putting your foot in your mouth, literally.  Ains was laughing at you and then decided to try it too!  All Sunny and I could do was shake our heads and stop you from falling off the stools.  I think you and Ains are going to be good pals, my girl.  Good friends are such a gift and I hope you have some precious ones throughout your life.  Mummy has some beautiful close girl friends who have been with her through thick and thin.  Friends are something to always be very grateful for and to respect & nurture.

Someone wise once said “Friends are the family you choose for yourself”… and it is so true!

Night night little girl o’ mine xx