Planketty plank!

Sunday March 25th, 2012…

Seriously, what happened today??  Ummmmm…. a visit to Mel & Chris’ in the arvo to see my Uncle and Aunt.  I was soooo brave… I put Oscar in the carrier and clutched Ruby’s hand and walked all of about 100 metres down the street with both children by myself 😉  Ha!!  Can you tell I am slightly freeeeeeeeeeeaaaaking out about Anton going back to work next week??!

Here you are again my girl, throwing yourself around the place.  This time slightly assisted by Daddy… or maybe he was defending himself?!  You were almost doing a perfect plank before I took this, but camera is too slow and your little legs starting thrashing, as they are want to do!  Signing you up for the circus, ok?!

Nuff said ♥


Delirium reigns…

March 15th, 2012…

What a night… or really early morning….  It’s NOT that I expected to be sleeping well with a newborn, but top that with a teething toddler who woke just after 4 and didn’t go back to sleep…. well, no-one was quite sane at our house this morning!!

Sweet girl, we had a rough night and morning.  So many changes for you and your nasty big molars are moving around too.  This pic was taken after you woke from your daytime sleep.  Not surprisingly you slept for almost 3 hours today.  Much much needed!

You’re off with the fairies here… you do this a bit, just gaze into space.  Your Granny Chris does it too!  You’re having one of the few “steezytoobs” you are able to eat here.  They are generally not FODMAP friendly!  Your favourite is blueberry, banana and quinoa, but I think this was sweetcorn, pumpkin and chia.  Good for your lazy Mummy 😉 xxx

My darling little drunkard 🙂  All blissed out on the good stuff! Heehee….


March 12th, 2012…

Morning spent at home with a visit from Dondy and Merle.  Ruby went to play at the Grandies house in the arvo and Oscar made his first venture to Germside, I mean, Chermside… 😉

You’re always babbling away Rubyroo!  You do some funny nursery rhyme mash ups that I wish I could catch and record!  But here’s a few other things you have said in the last month or so…

Ruby and I are in the shower and mascara is running down my cheeks….

R: (points) Little bit of poo dere!!


A: I love you Ruby

R: I want a car!


Ruby playing with a plastic turtle and her water cup, muttering away under breath.

Me: What are you saying, Ruby?

R: That’s fan-tas-tic, Mummy!! (enunciating like I am an idiot!)


I’m on the phone…

R: Want this one OFF! (pointing to phone)

Me: Would you like me to get off the phone Ruby?

R: Get. OFF. Phone!


Has a cute way of saying”Ruby wear them on” instead of Ruby put them on 🙂


R: Wiggles did a stinky poooooo!! (Announced randomly the other day)!!


Treegazing….this piccie was taken just after we got home today and you had a big feed.  You were so cute all bundled up in the hugabub on your first big outing today.  We had to go do medicare stuff and get Mummy a new phone contract sorted.  You slept peacefully the whole time, despite numerous admiration stops by passersby!  I can completely see why people think you are just gorgeous… and I am not biased at all!!

Off to grab you and smooch you now xxx

Little lips…

March 11th, 2012…

Our Sunday was spent around home, with a fun visit from Dondy & PaRoy in the afternoon.  I even managed to make some chicken noodle soup… fairly average, but nourishing I’m sure 😉

We’ve mentioned the love of jelly before, but I couldn’t resist this as you were having such a lovely time eating the jelly from your hands 🙂  It must have felt nice and cool as you were squishing it in your fist at one point, saying “squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!”.  The jelly did follow a healthy selection of tuna, brown rice & broccoli 😉

Jelly is sweet, but it ain’t as sweet as you xxx

Asleep in my arms after a big belly of susu consumed…. I look down and see this mouth…. ahhhh, be still my heart ♥

Rock chick!


March 10th, 2012…

An up and down kind of day… Miss Rubes fluctuating between her most charming and most testing…

Dancing girl… you started the day with a little grooving to Pearl Jam with Daddy and I.  You were getting into it and keen for us all to have a maraca (“shaker shaker”) to accompany our fantastic dancing.  Mummy’s music tastes have evolved over the years, but Dadda has always been into more ‘cool’ music.  If it moves you though baby girl, it’s worth listening to 🙂

We had a really nice afternoon (after the poo of all poos was cleaned away….woah!) at Meg & John’s.  You and your Dadda had such fun splashing in the pool!!  I love to see you playing together.  You were both so happy.

Today you had given your Daddy a hard time over a few things, testing him!  But after you finally submitted to your daytime sleep he went straight to the lounge to draw a big Upsy Daisy picture for you, because he said he wanted to “make my little girl smile”.

Siiiigggghhhhhh  xxx

Your first social event today little man.  You weren’t that fussed really and were more than happy just to sleep and susu with me for the afternoon.  I quite liked that… I can’t get enough of you 🙂  You’ve given a few fleeting smiles that make us melt.  I can’t wait to see many many more xxx

A dindo!!!!!!!!!!

March 6th, 2012…

A pretty quiet day around home… Have I mentioned I don’t have a mobile at the moment?!  It died on Sunday morning 😦  It feels very strange not to have one!!  Will have to see if the budget extends to a new iPhone….

“All de amimals are HIDINGGGGG”… Ruby, we borrowed this book, Happy Birthday Dingo, from the library, and you love it.  Note the little toy dingo clutched in your right hand!  You like to name the animals, especially the boobook owl (you love owls!).  Your ‘g’ sounds are a ‘d’ at the moment, thus the ‘dindo’ title 😉 You were a very happy girl for a little while whilst your brother slept and you had Dadda and I to yourself for a wee while!  You were reading stories and bouncing from toy to toy!

Dondy and Aunty Meli came over in the arvo too, which you were very pleased about!  So many people love you my darling girl, so many people xxx

Deep blue blinky newborn eyes and a little turned up nose, perfect for feeding.  I have been desperate today to get you to feed as I’m feeling like my bosoms may explode!  You are starting to have some good alert periods in amongst your sleepy times.  I love the way you stop and listen when I talk to you… searching out my face.  I am so blessed to meet you little man xxx

The love bug…

February 29th, 2012….

Well, luckily the love bug has well and truly caught at our place, because it made today just bearable.  Ruby was fractious… and ok, I admit it, I was too.  Hot, tired and wishing the bub would come out already!!  I realised by the end of the day that I had to just let go and remind myself that I believe that babies come when they are ready… this little one of ours being no exception!  I had just had it in my head that the baby would be here in February for some reason and also because Ruby was here at 38 weeks I got used to that idea.  Also a good reminder for me that this isn’t Ruby… he/she is a little person all of their own preciousness and destiny!

Here you are playing with your little love bug that Tion chose for you!  What a special surprise present from your cousins 🙂  You love playing with the car and are kind of getting the hang of pulling it backwards and letting it goooooooo…. You have already loved off the front bumper…. I’m not sure replica VW beetles are meant to plunge from coffee tables!  I really like the little car too and I love seeing it sitting somewhere, it makes me smile… which was a really good thing today!

Mumma xx

Something else that makes me smile is all the beautiful beads I was given at my Blessingway… I have put them together to carry with me when I birth our babe ♥

Over my shoulder…

February 26th, 2012….

Busy day, some more nesting, probably too little resting….  I went to a Baby shower for a lovely friend.  Bought Ruby her first doll… it is to be a present from the new baby so Ruby has a baby too…  I tell you what though, getting that doll out of the box was harder than giving birth to Ruby!!  What’s with all the metal ties and tabs etc???!

Munchicken, I was sitting writing a card (novel) for my friend today and you decided you had to get up on the chair behind me.  You were chewing pegs, then insisted you had to have your hat on, then gave me a back scratch (must encourage this!)… all the while, wobbling around and worrying me you were going to fall off the chair!

You made me laugh today when I gave you a tiny little plastic doll I found, about the size of your thumb, and you brought it over to me for me to give it susu (breastfeed)!

I swear you know something is going on and share my feeling of imminence about the birth coming…. you’ve been wanting Mummy tuddles a lot and were very hard to settle tonight….

Dadda says I MUST go to bed… it is 1130pm, but I don’t want to get behind with this! Nighty night xxxx


My girl ♥

February 24th, 2012…

Another beautiful cool rainy day…. so lovely!

It was a day around home today, lots of “tuddles” on the couch and a wonderful big sleep together!  Today I am 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant with your little brother or sister… it was at this point you made your entrance and we got to meet you.  You were an individual from the start, pointing your cute little rump at us, rather than your head!  To this day it is still the cutest botbot around 🙂

I can’t believe you are going to be a big sister soon… you still are so little and feel like my baby.  I carry you around a lot, seems to suit both of us at times… you particularly at the moment.  I do wonder how I will work all this out when ‘Vonu’ arrives!

Today we were watching some water births on the TV, you told me wide-eyed “baby been borned” and were quite interested in them having susu and requested “Ruby try it!”… Despite a good solid 15 and a bit months of breast-feeding, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten what to do Missy… licking and giggling ain’t gonna cut it 😉

Looking forward to so many more “tuddles” with you xox


February 23rd, 2012…

Oh, I so appreciated the cooler weather today!  Happy to have that keep happening!

Bathtime!  Between the bubbles you were playing in and hearing Daddy come in the door, you were a happy munchkin!  Your hearing is super sharp and you heard the key before I did and shouted with glee “Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”.  I know for certain that your Dadda LOVES hearing your little voice joyfully call his name 🙂

We had a really nice day today.  Ended up catching up with Sunny & Ains while we did some shopping and had lunch with them.  Then home for snuggly sleeps (possible on such a day of cooler weather) and an enjoyable afternoon together of drawing, pottering and a small serve of Wiggles!

I love your happy face baby girl, I love it so much xox