Trit trot!

Friday March 23rd, 2012…

Rubes, Oscar and I went back to the Grandies for the morning so that Dad and Anton could finish installing the dishwasher sans distraction!

Dondy ties sarongs/scarves around your waists as ‘pony tails’ and here you and Asher are running around being little ponies.  It is very cute when you both wiggle your butts to make your tails shake 🙂

This piccie is taken in your ‘playground’ on the deck at Dondy and PaRoy’s house.  We are so lucky to have them so close by and so involved in your/our day to day lives.

You’re a snuggly wee man, which I love and am going to appreciate even more come winter I think!  It’s such a different experience already parenting you… A different person you are 🙂  You are growing before my eyes.  You love your susu!

Ach… just leaked writing about you…. must be nearly time for a feed then 😉



March 12th, 2012…

Morning spent at home with a visit from Dondy and Merle.  Ruby went to play at the Grandies house in the arvo and Oscar made his first venture to Germside, I mean, Chermside… 😉

You’re always babbling away Rubyroo!  You do some funny nursery rhyme mash ups that I wish I could catch and record!  But here’s a few other things you have said in the last month or so…

Ruby and I are in the shower and mascara is running down my cheeks….

R: (points) Little bit of poo dere!!


A: I love you Ruby

R: I want a car!


Ruby playing with a plastic turtle and her water cup, muttering away under breath.

Me: What are you saying, Ruby?

R: That’s fan-tas-tic, Mummy!! (enunciating like I am an idiot!)


I’m on the phone…

R: Want this one OFF! (pointing to phone)

Me: Would you like me to get off the phone Ruby?

R: Get. OFF. Phone!


Has a cute way of saying”Ruby wear them on” instead of Ruby put them on 🙂


R: Wiggles did a stinky poooooo!! (Announced randomly the other day)!!


Treegazing….this piccie was taken just after we got home today and you had a big feed.  You were so cute all bundled up in the hugabub on your first big outing today.  We had to go do medicare stuff and get Mummy a new phone contract sorted.  You slept peacefully the whole time, despite numerous admiration stops by passersby!  I can completely see why people think you are just gorgeous… and I am not biased at all!!

Off to grab you and smooch you now xxx

What a bot!

March 1st, 2012…

Another hot day, but I was in a much better frame of mind, determined that Ruby and I would have a good day!  And we did 🙂

Nudie cutie!  You love being nude and you love playing with water (I think I’ve mentioned this before!!).  You spent ages (as long as my conscience could cope) standing at the sink ‘washing’ your little colourful bowls.  I had the tap on just a drizzle, but that was enough for you, my mermaid!

To make the most of the water today we went to Megan & John’s in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours in and out of their fabulous pool…. so nice for both of us, but maybe especially so for Mummy so I could be weightless for a while!  You loved watching the big kids run riot diving, splashing and being silly 🙂

Some more water time this weekend may just be in order…. xox

Over my shoulder…

February 26th, 2012….

Busy day, some more nesting, probably too little resting….  I went to a Baby shower for a lovely friend.  Bought Ruby her first doll… it is to be a present from the new baby so Ruby has a baby too…  I tell you what though, getting that doll out of the box was harder than giving birth to Ruby!!  What’s with all the metal ties and tabs etc???!

Munchicken, I was sitting writing a card (novel) for my friend today and you decided you had to get up on the chair behind me.  You were chewing pegs, then insisted you had to have your hat on, then gave me a back scratch (must encourage this!)… all the while, wobbling around and worrying me you were going to fall off the chair!

You made me laugh today when I gave you a tiny little plastic doll I found, about the size of your thumb, and you brought it over to me for me to give it susu (breastfeed)!

I swear you know something is going on and share my feeling of imminence about the birth coming…. you’ve been wanting Mummy tuddles a lot and were very hard to settle tonight….

Dadda says I MUST go to bed… it is 1130pm, but I don’t want to get behind with this! Nighty night xxxx


Ruby said….

February 15th, 2012

Mostly a day around home… A sparky put a new ceiling fan into Ruby’s room, which is fab!  Wonderful Dondy came to clean wondows and screens, as part of a present to welcome our new one home when they arrive.  Ach, tearing up just writing that!

Things you’ve said….

R: Mummy’s knickienoonas (knickers)

Me: Yes, darling, that’s right.

R: Very big!!!

Whilst stepping over a fallen palm frond –

“Watch out for da pineapple!”

Ruby is found standing quietly in the corner…

Granny Chris (GC): What are you doing, Ruby?

R: Poo!

Ruby comes out of room…

GC: Did you do a poo Ruby? Shall we change your nappy?


GC: Well, what were you doing in the corner?

R: (slyly) Hiding!

In the shower with Daddy, shouting the names for certain body parts… Daddy cringing 🙂

Sitting eating breakfast at the dining table….

R: Mummy on Daddy!!! Mummy on Daddy!!

A: Pardon Ruby??

R: Put it away!!!

A: I swear if anyone is listening we are just eating bacon and eggs!!

Me: laughing a LOT!

Please keep making us laugh our funny girl!  It is so precious xox


Bouncing baby!

February 10th, 2012…

Big day!  Knackered parents, but arrived at our gorgeous friends’ home safe and sound, ready for a lovely weekend!

Wee one, we got up at 4am, thinking that we could transfer you to the car and you would resettle and sleep for the first few hours of our drive to Coffs Harbour….. NOPE!  You were instantly alert and eyes wide with taking in a new adventure!  Mummy even sat in the back with you and pretended to be asleep in the hope it would help you go off….. but there was just too much to look at and take in… all the lights, a big tunnel and mummy in the back with you!

You stayed awake all the way to Ballina, where we stopped for breaky and then crashed out not long after that, sleeping until Coffs, so that worked ok in the end, you ratbag!

You were so excited to arrive at our beautiful friends’ house and see the big kids, the doggie, chookies, rabbits and their trampoline – “Ruby want jump trampline!!!  Boinga boinga!!”

There was no way you were going to settle for your usual middle of the day sleep… so we headed out to the tramp to play for a bit.  Mummy managed to hoist herself (and her insanely puffy right foot) up onto the tramp and sat there snapping away while you ran around like a crazy girl, throwing yourself at me or down to the floor on each lap!  I love this action shot, you were having such a good time and making Mama laugh off her grumps 🙂

Maybe you can talk Dadda into a tramp 😉 xx

January 5th, 2012

It’s a big day today… or night tonight!  Ruby is sleeping in her own room for the first time!  Not in our room/bed as it has been for the last 19 months….  Daddy A is going to sleep with her tonight… and then one of us for a while I think until she is used to it.  I’m not sure who the transition will be harder on.  Ruby or me?!  Possibly the latter 😉

Back to two pics today….

I looked over at you and wondered what this was all about!  It seems you were chomping on your right big toe!!  As you told me after “yummy baby toes”…. I think I hear myself echoed…..

Look at your gorgeous smile!  Playing the fool (pushing me with your feet and moving your high chair, ‘boomping’ your head, making chomp chomp sound effects) whilst eating dinner and Mumma laughing at you only encouraged things.  Your laugh is a wonderful, heart moving sound, my darling girl! x