I haven’t blogged any pictures for sometime as I have just found it too hard with the kids to manage… but yesterday I woke to the incredibly sad news that one of the Mamas in our Documenting Delight group had been tragically killed.  Along with her unborn child.
I didn’t know this Mama but her death has moved me deeply.  She leaves behind a husband and a two year old daughter. 

In honour of Kerryn and her family I have two pictures of me with the kids.  So in the future they know that I was IN life playing with and loving them.  Not just on the sidelines with a camera.
Dear Kerryn, love and light to you and your angel baby… rest in peace… xx
Ruby – 2 years & 3 months – ‘brushing Mumma’s hair’!  We’re rarely allowed to brush hers though 😉
Oscar – 6 months – giving Mummy a kiss xxx

Baby Jailbird!

Wednesday March 28th, 2012…

Domesticity reigns… washing, eating and a visit from the pest control man to assess termites in the yard…

Miss cheeky!!  Skye & Dylan from next door popped over to chat with the pest control man as they’ve termites in their yard too.  You are about 5 weeks older than Dylan and you’re very cute together.  I had lots of fun hanging out with Dylan’s mum when we were pregnant with you both.  And I know we’re going to keep having lots of fun with them through the years 🙂  We have a lovely community going in our street and area!  So many kids to play with and families to support one another.  Very blessed!

My baby jailbird!  You look so cute in your stripes today 🙂  And wouldn’t you know it… as I start typing about you I can hear you stirring!  You’re having more alert periods through the day now and turning your head to Dadda and Ruby’s voices more often too. It’s so lovely getting to know you sweet boy xx

Slow things down a little!

Tuesday March 27th, 2012…

Just aware today of time flying by!  Oscar already 3 1/2 weeks old and both of my babies are growing and changing before my eyes.  Anton back to work on Monday after 4 weeks off with us… I’ve so loved him being home.


“Wot oo doing Daddeeee??”           “Dadddeee not hiding.  Teeky (cheeky) Daddee”

Daddy was out on the deck trying to get the squeak out of the rocking chair.  You really thought you should be out there with him.  Until there is a gate on the deck though, anyone who is out there with you needs 100% focus on the Rubyroo… and to be ready to catch you!  A front fence is climbing its way up the priority list!

You spent the afternoon at Dondy and Pa’s house, playing with Asher.  A happy, but very tired wee girl came home from there.  I guess at least if you refuse a daytime nap you do then crash out very easily at nighttime!

You pull so many funny little faces, I could sit and watch you all day! One moment you look amused by the world and the next like someone has insulted you terribly! Such a dear little face with VERY smoochable cheeks xxx

Miss Monkey!

Monday March 26th, 2012…

Family day… Anton took Ruby out to the playground in the morning. It’s awesome how much you can get done in a short space of time when your baby is sleeping and your toddler is out having fun!

Missymoo, Dadda took you to the playground this morning for a while.  You were SOOO excited to be heading outdoors with him.  He took some pictures at the park so I could see what you were up to.  Daddy said you’re climbing really well and with some tips (and a little hovering) from him, did just fine with this chain ‘ladder’.  You then went for a big walk around the block…. all this exercise meant you had a daytime sleep today and woke up in such a good mood. Daddy heard you moving around quietly in your room and we peeked under the door and there were some little toes just waiting there 🙂

I think Mama is going to have to gather her energy and try to take you out walking in the mornings… for all of our sanity!

Little one, late in the evening I realised I had not taken a picture of you today!  I then tried to get one of your fuzzy head, but couldn’t capture it nicely at night.  This one is just you burrowed into my lap after a feed.  You like to spend the evenings on or near the susu!  I don’t really mind too much 🙂 xx

Planketty plank!

Sunday March 25th, 2012…

Seriously, what happened today??  Ummmmm…. a visit to Mel & Chris’ in the arvo to see my Uncle and Aunt.  I was soooo brave… I put Oscar in the carrier and clutched Ruby’s hand and walked all of about 100 metres down the street with both children by myself 😉  Ha!!  Can you tell I am slightly freeeeeeeeeeeaaaaking out about Anton going back to work next week??!

Here you are again my girl, throwing yourself around the place.  This time slightly assisted by Daddy… or maybe he was defending himself?!  You were almost doing a perfect plank before I took this, but camera is too slow and your little legs starting thrashing, as they are want to do!  Signing you up for the circus, ok?!

Nuff said ♥

On Daddy’s pile!!

Wednesday March 21st, 2012…

I can hear a wee man starting to stir, so type type type…. Around home… Anton getting further along to fixing the space for the dishwasher, with a little help from Rubes 🙂  I went o put Ruby’s name down for kindy today at a lovely little C&K near us…. I should have done it sooner, but struggled to get my head around enrolling my baby for ‘school’!!

Darling girl, you and I went outside for a little time together this afternoon.  You love being outdoors, which is wonderful (the mossies are horrid though!).  Your dad has a some gravel he’s neatly (sort of) piled near the fence and you love to climb on it and chuck it about the place, much to his dismay 🙂  This pic, with your too big shoes and proper “knickynoonas”, makes me think of ‘Oh the places you’ll go’, especially the line, “kid, you’ll move mountains!” – I have no doubt you can and will, my clever girl!

Your Dondy came to see us (you) this afternoon and it was really nice to have her here.  I love hearing how happy you are with her…. how obviously safe and loved you feel.  xxx

Little man, this pic certainly shows that you are working on your chins 🙂  And have I mentioned your divine little lips before?!  I can hear them smacking, so I best finish this up and give you your supper xxx

Testing. Testing.

Tuesday March 20th,2012…

Ha!  Anton and I both can’t remember what we did today!  The kiddos were the focus… Miss Rubes testing all boundaries and pushing her parents’ (particularly Daddy’s) buttons!

My girl, I took this pic over your Dadda’s shoulder as you were eating lunch today… You’re looking so angelic here, but not long after this you were chucking food on the floor, just to irk your Dad it seemed.  There’s been some big changes in your world of late and you’re letting us know you’re processing it all!!

I do love your wispy hair and big eyes captured here.  We love you so much and really do understand your world has been rocked by your brother’s arrival!  You have been so sweet with him… just a bit contrary with your parents 🙂

Sweetieboy, this is pretty much where you wanted to spend the day today… either on or under the susus!  Your sister liked to hang out here too and sometimes I feel a little pang that I just can’t sit and let you, like I did with her.  We do get lots of cuddles together at night time which is lovely.  You are a noisy little critter, making all sorts of sounds through the day and night!

I can hear some now…. best get ready for feeding time 🙂 xxx

Danny Tiss!

March 16th, 2012…

Mostly an ‘up’ day today!  Had a lovely brekky at Jam with my folks & Anton’s Mum.  Ruby wouldn’t nap again today… but wasn’t too grouchy for it!  4 pics for this post… just because I can 🙂

Here you are, out at brunch, with your Dondy’s iPhone… she has an app on there (Soundtouch) you like and are allowed for a treat… I watched you pressing the phone excitedly and wondered what technology you will see and watch change in your lifetime…

Here you are with your Granny Chris (“Danny Tiss”), in your pretty dresses!  I love the way you are smiling at one another… partners in crime 🙂  You have loved having her here… you’ve bossed her around a fair bit and lapped up all the undivided attention.

Next door’s puppy has snuck into the shot too!

You are so beautiful, my daughter xxx

Oscar… your PaRoy was pretty keen to get his hands on  you for a cuddle this morning.  I loved e you cradled in his arms and being gently stroked by the same strong hands that have loved, teased and built for me over my lifetime.  PaRoy has promised not to become a grumpy old grandad and I know you’ll love having him in your life ♥

Little man, you are growing and changing before our eyes!  I couldn’t resist this pensive picture of you.  My heart, in my hands xxx

What day is it??

March 13th, 2012…

Got a few days to catch up on now and they’re all blurring!  I have the pics, but as to what actually happened on each day, I am quite fuzzy about! Not surprising given a newborn and a toddler in da house 🙂

I knew Mummy had this voluminous skirt on for a reason!  It’s so great for hiding under, saying “Where’s Ruby?!”  🙂

Today was a no nap day for you. Siiigh……

We had a visit this morning from The Matriarch. My paternal Grandmother and your Great Grandmother.  Gran Sonny is 95 and Aaaa-maaaaaaaazing! Active, interested and could talk for Australia.  That’s genetic though and I’m thinking you sister has inherited the gene 😉  So wonderful for you to know some of your great grandparents.  They are all such special people who have been part of what has shaped who your Daddy and I are.

Great Gran was very pleased to meet you, darling boy xx


March 12th, 2012…

Morning spent at home with a visit from Dondy and Merle.  Ruby went to play at the Grandies house in the arvo and Oscar made his first venture to Germside, I mean, Chermside… 😉

You’re always babbling away Rubyroo!  You do some funny nursery rhyme mash ups that I wish I could catch and record!  But here’s a few other things you have said in the last month or so…

Ruby and I are in the shower and mascara is running down my cheeks….

R: (points) Little bit of poo dere!!


A: I love you Ruby

R: I want a car!


Ruby playing with a plastic turtle and her water cup, muttering away under breath.

Me: What are you saying, Ruby?

R: That’s fan-tas-tic, Mummy!! (enunciating like I am an idiot!)


I’m on the phone…

R: Want this one OFF! (pointing to phone)

Me: Would you like me to get off the phone Ruby?

R: Get. OFF. Phone!


Has a cute way of saying”Ruby wear them on” instead of Ruby put them on 🙂


R: Wiggles did a stinky poooooo!! (Announced randomly the other day)!!


Treegazing….this piccie was taken just after we got home today and you had a big feed.  You were so cute all bundled up in the hugabub on your first big outing today.  We had to go do medicare stuff and get Mummy a new phone contract sorted.  You slept peacefully the whole time, despite numerous admiration stops by passersby!  I can completely see why people think you are just gorgeous… and I am not biased at all!!

Off to grab you and smooch you now xxx