I haven’t blogged any pictures for sometime as I have just found it too hard with the kids to manage… but yesterday I woke to the incredibly sad news that one of the Mamas in our Documenting Delight group had been tragically killed.  Along with her unborn child.
I didn’t know this Mama but her death has moved me deeply.  She leaves behind a husband and a two year old daughter. 

In honour of Kerryn and her family I have two pictures of me with the kids.  So in the future they know that I was IN life playing with and loving them.  Not just on the sidelines with a camera.
Dear Kerryn, love and light to you and your angel baby… rest in peace… xx
Ruby – 2 years & 3 months – ‘brushing Mumma’s hair’!  We’re rarely allowed to brush hers though 😉
Oscar – 6 months – giving Mummy a kiss xxx