January 8th, 2012

Happy heart tonight… We have had a day full of beautiful people and outdoor loveliness.  Capped off by an evening at Sandgate with fish, chips and gelati and some favourite people.

There was an almost full moon over the water, so wonderful.

You love love love the water and the sand (mud?) my wee girl.  As soon as we got to Sandgate and you saw the sand (mud?) flats with the tide out, that was it, you protested until allowed to run and roam and splash! Your cousins Tion and Mali had a play with you and you watched the kite surfers and dogs and seagulls, getting sandier and wetter, breaking only for a short while to eat some fish and chips (yum!).  Your joy is palpable when around the water, Mumma feels you and feels that too, especially about being by the sea…. something so good for the soul!

I wish we could have days like today, every day! xxx