Miss Monkey!

Monday March 26th, 2012…

Family day… Anton took Ruby out to the playground in the morning. It’s awesome how much you can get done in a short space of time when your baby is sleeping and your toddler is out having fun!

Missymoo, Dadda took you to the playground this morning for a while.  You were SOOO excited to be heading outdoors with him.  He took some pictures at the park so I could see what you were up to.  Daddy said you’re climbing really well and with some tips (and a little hovering) from him, did just fine with this chain ‘ladder’.  You then went for a big walk around the block…. all this exercise meant you had a daytime sleep today and woke up in such a good mood. Daddy heard you moving around quietly in your room and we peeked under the door and there were some little toes just waiting there 🙂

I think Mama is going to have to gather her energy and try to take you out walking in the mornings… for all of our sanity!

Little one, late in the evening I realised I had not taken a picture of you today!  I then tried to get one of your fuzzy head, but couldn’t capture it nicely at night.  This one is just you burrowed into my lap after a feed.  You like to spend the evenings on or near the susu!  I don’t really mind too much 🙂 xx


Trit trot!

Friday March 23rd, 2012…

Rubes, Oscar and I went back to the Grandies for the morning so that Dad and Anton could finish installing the dishwasher sans distraction!

Dondy ties sarongs/scarves around your waists as ‘pony tails’ and here you and Asher are running around being little ponies.  It is very cute when you both wiggle your butts to make your tails shake 🙂

This piccie is taken in your ‘playground’ on the deck at Dondy and PaRoy’s house.  We are so lucky to have them so close by and so involved in your/our day to day lives.

You’re a snuggly wee man, which I love and am going to appreciate even more come winter I think!  It’s such a different experience already parenting you… A different person you are 🙂  You are growing before my eyes.  You love your susu!

Ach… just leaked writing about you…. must be nearly time for a feed then 😉

Family time…

Sunday March 18th, 2012…

Starting to feel very sleepy as I write this!  Yawnnnn…… We had a good bit of family time around home today.  Peppered with a visit from the the gorgeous Georgia of Georgia Peach Pictures this morning to do some newborn shots of Oscar. Then in the arvo a pop in from some other gorgeous ones (thank you Ange, Alex, Luca & Taj!).

Rubyroo, you are such a busy little girl.  I get worn out just watching you!  You’re always standing on something that’s likely to tip up or balancing on something inappropriate.  Seconds after this pic was taken you flipped yourself over the couch arm headfirst. I’m torn between delight in your no holds barred go get ’em ways and seriously thinking I am going to have heart failure with your antics one day!  I think enrolling you in the Aunty Megan’s gymnastic classes asap is the only option 😉

A sleeping angel on my lap.  A little face that’s chubbing up, eyelashes thickening and rosebud mouth that just wants to have susu in it ALL. THE. TIME!

Lucky she is cute!!

Saturday 28th January…

I really have so much to be grateful for today… not one, but two lovely family catch ups, a great acupuncture session (loooooong overdue) and my husband and mum-in-law just did the washing up!  Yet, I am still feeling blah!

Had a lot of trouble deciding on a pic for today…. I think in finding the energy to journal about it too….

Little one, I woke to you sitting up in the bed saying “everybody here!” – meaning you, Dadda and I…♥ Your Granny Chris is borrowing your bed while she stays so you are in with us for a bit.  I slept most of the night on the king single on the floor and you with Dadda…but when I got up to go to the toilet at 5am you were lying horizontally across the bed on the pillows with your feet in Daddy’s back!  Daddy was asleep, but clinging to the edge of the bed!!  So I got in and snuggled you up to me… which Mummy liked a bit 😉 and you seemed to like too…  We had a lovely morning – we made a smoothie and then went to Dondy and PaRoy’s for brekky.  Mumma went from there to an acupuncture appt with Uncle PK… and when I came home I hoped you’d be sound asleep so I could climb in with you…. but I could hear you talking and crying a bit.  Granny Chris told me Daddy had been trying to get you to sleep for an hour and a half!!  I came in and lay down with you, but after another half an hour we gave up…. so the pic above was taken just after we got up again… your eyes look so tired to Mama, but you were demanding to look at “photo o’ Ruby” on Granny Chris’ laptop….

We had a really nice evening at Aunty Mel & Uncle Chris’ house… you played with your cousins and we had fish and chips for dinner 🙂  Dinner time was like feeding time at the zoo!!

So a day of challenges and delights, you’re lucky you’re cute!

You crashed out in about 5 minutes tonight… Mama’s joining you soooooon!  xox

Incy Wincy…

Sunday 22nd January…

My darling Mum actually stayed the night with Ruby in her bed so that Anton and I could have a good sleep and actually sleep in the same bed… it was nice to have a snuggle 😉  Mum whisked Ruby off to her place at about 530 so we could sleep in too!!

Little one, I think when we got to Dondy & PaRoy’s house to pick you up this morning about 9, you were already tired…. having been up since 5!  We were trying to get a family pic with you on the climbing frame, but you were really not keen.  I was trying to get you to do Incy Wincy spider here, which you usually do readily, but I think you were just thinking, c’mon, let’s go people!!  And also wondering what your Pa was doing dancing around in his lycra bike shorts… heeheee….

We headed out for breakfast, which you loved as the cafe had a kiddy play area and they catered to our gluten & dairy free needs no probs!  (The Hutch Bistro)  You gobbled up your eggies and bacon very fast.  Then it was home for a snuggly sleep (Yum!) with me before I had to head off to work (not so yum).

You’re fast asleep in bed now with your Dadda… I crept in before and kissed your little knees…. so sweet you are….

“Sweet, sweet, sweet
The way you make me feel
Sweet, sweet, sweet
I can’t believe you’re real”

– Lamb “Sweet”

Love you little one, Mama xxx


Unky Monkey…

I know it’s the 21st, but here’s the blog post for the 20th!  I did a late shift last night and worked in a busy area and was so completely knackered by the end of my shift that I had no energy for anything by the time I got home!  It was actually quite a good shift, working with a funny and very experienced ED (ER for those in US) nurse.

I didn’t take many pics myself yesterday (but I did achieve some domestic Goddess duties!), so when I recharged my phone after I got home from work last night and found this gem that Mum had taken and sent me, I almost cried (well, ok, I did cry, but I’m pregnant, I’m allowed!)….

Cheeky-chops, here you are with your Unky G, sometimes known as your Unky Monkey when he is acting the fool to make you laugh.  Dondy took this photo when you were at their house yesterday afternoon and Unky G dropped in for a while.  G is Mumma’s younger brother and you already have a very special relationship with him, which makes my heart sing.  He is an amazing man and you will learn a lot from him throughout your life and get a lot of love from him too!  Unky G is looking like the labourer here as he is renovating a house (as well as working full time).  He also has a double degree and has done all sorts of interesting jobs through out his work life so far!  He speaks Japanese and plays music by ear which makes Mummy green with envy 🙂  Hopefully you can learn these things from him!  Unky G is married to your gorgeous Aunty ‘frie’ and has a beautiful boy, A, who is just a few months older than you.  A is a lot bigger than you though and Unky G is always exclaiming over how dainty you are!  You know, I think it was Unky G, being a monkey, that made you giggle your first proper giggle when you were about 5 months old.  it was delightful and infectious to listen too. He will make you laugh a whole lot more over the years to come and would be there for you in a second if you needed it.  We are very lucky to have him in our lives…. and the best bit is that by April, G and his fam will be living about 50 mtrs away!!!  Yippeeeeeee!

You ordered Mummy out of bed at 7 this morning after I only got to sleep about 230, I’m going to need that nap with you today!!!

Smooches, Mama xxxx

Strange old day…

I decided to sleep with Ruby last night, I miss her little body in the bed and her skin and softness, so I thought I would see how we went.  Between her restlessness and my sore hips, restless leg syndrome, pregnant bladder and a headache I had a cr*p sleep and woke up feeling like death warmed up this morning.   Anton came in to say morning about 6.30 and was greeted by a groaning wife and a daughter who was keen to ‘hop up hop up!”.  I lay there a while longer, had a big cry (hormones?? exhaustion??) then I did get up, took some panadol and crawled back into our bed and pretty much pulled the covers over my head.  My wonderful husband got the message and took carer’s leave from work.  I then woke up again at 11!

I wasn’t really sure why I had a big cry, but my perceptive man suggested that maybe I was sad because I was realising I couldn’t sleep with Ruby anymore, or for a while anyway.  And I definitely think he’s right…  He took this pic today when I lay down with Ruby for her daytime sleep….

Something was different about getting you to sleep today…maybe we both know things are changing with our sleeping arrangements… usually you turn away and put your back against me when you’re about to drop off.  Today you turned to me and put your dear little face close to mine, then drifted off.  One of those moments where I wish I could blink my eyes and take a pic of what’s there before me.  If Mummy needs to find some sense of self preservation and sleep in another bed at night time, at least we can still have our daytime naps for a while longer!!

I have an extra ‘grateful for’ to document today…

This man, this man… the love of my life and most awesome Dad to my girl.  He looked after us both so well today… he always does look after us and we are so blessed to have in our lives, loving us and taking care of us.

I love those dimples 🙂  And how sexy is a man with washing up gloves on?! Heehee….

January 15th, 2012

What a different day today!  A much chirpier little girl today, thank goodness!

I woke at about 830 this morning after a good night’s sleep (hallelujah!) and the house was like the night before christmas.  I figured Anton must have taken Ruby out of the house somewhere so I could sleep, but the door to Ruby’s room was shut so I peeked in and Anton was just waking and Ruby still asleep!!!  Anton came out and I asked what he’d done to her… “just gave her nurofen about 3am because she was really hot”… and Ruby then woke up just before 9, keen for Mummy “tuddles” and happy as!  Thank you Universe!

We had Aunty ‘rie and cousin A come play for a while this afternoon, which was lovely.  Then Mumma had to go to work, not so lovely… but only 8 shifts to go.  Not that I’m counting or anything…..

My beautiful baby girl, I was so happy you woke up feeling better today!  You gobbled bacon and eggs with Daddy and I.  Then mucked around with books and toys and wanted your bike helmet on, insisting the ‘seatbelt’ under your chin was done up 🙂  Not long after this you had the phone stuck to your ear, saying “heddo heddo, Dondy?!”.  I couldn’t resist this pic with the gorgeous morning light and your divine lashes on show!

I’ve really missed you and Dadda tonight whilst at work.  Some days Mumma is more sooky than others….

I hope you sleep well tonight and I look forward to breathing you in tomorrow morning xxxx

Yesterday’s post, today….

Yawwwwwwwwwwwnn…. So, doing the post for the 13th Jan today.  I did take the pic yesterday but then it was overtaken by a sick Ruby who was spiking temps and then I had an evening shift at work (whilst fretting about how Ruby was going) and then when I got home at 11.15pm I finished the washing up (which Anton had started prior to having to go in and lay with Ruby) and then I decided to sleep (I thought) with Ruby as her temp was 39 and she was unsettled…. Poor wee girl stayed so restless, writhing around and crying out that I think I had about two minutes sleep before 4am when I gave her some more panadol and then sat up and held her in my arms over my baby bump until she finally settled enough for us both to sleep!!!  It’s so awful when your baby is sick!  Ruby is still quite fragile this morning, saying no a lot and not knowing what she wants.


Jan 13th – My darling girl, you are so precious.  You were off colour this morning.  Very whiney and then I checked your temperature and it was a raised.  Gave you some panadol and you perked up for a while…. this pic was captured then… you were doing your favourite “Ruby hiding hiding” game amongst the daybed cushions.  You love to hide and have us pretend we can’t find you and then you pop your little head out and giggle 🙂  You’ve always loved peekaboo, right from a wee baby!

It’s Sat 14th now, you’re not yourself, so I should go dish out some “mummy tuddles” xxx

January 10th, 2012

Just home from evening shift at work…. One positive about working today was the aircon!

Wishing I could just wriggle my nose a-la ‘I dream of Jeanie’ and aircon would be installed at home…

You headed straight from the bedroon to the lounge chair this morning and hopped up with a couple of the ‘In the night garden’ books and said ‘read it, read it’ waving the book around!  I don’t think you even realise it’s a tv show, just loving the silliness of the words in there!  You would sit and look at books all day long I think… well, as long as someone else was reading to/with you….  Given the heat today we spent a fair bit of time in front of the fan on the couch reading.

I love that you love books and reading…. so keen to encourage that!

When you woke from your midday sleep today I could hear you moving around in the bedroom, fiddling with something and I opened the door just as you turned the mobile on and started dancing… cutiepie!!

You’re in bed with your Dadda and hopefully both of you sleep ok…. I’ll see you in the morning for a snuggle 🙂 xx