Planketty plank!

Sunday March 25th, 2012…

Seriously, what happened today??  Ummmmm…. a visit to Mel & Chris’ in the arvo to see my Uncle and Aunt.  I was soooo brave… I put Oscar in the carrier and clutched Ruby’s hand and walked all of about 100 metres down the street with both children by myself 😉  Ha!!  Can you tell I am slightly freeeeeeeeeeeaaaaking out about Anton going back to work next week??!

Here you are again my girl, throwing yourself around the place.  This time slightly assisted by Daddy… or maybe he was defending himself?!  You were almost doing a perfect plank before I took this, but camera is too slow and your little legs starting thrashing, as they are want to do!  Signing you up for the circus, ok?!

Nuff said ♥


Danny Tiss!

March 16th, 2012…

Mostly an ‘up’ day today!  Had a lovely brekky at Jam with my folks & Anton’s Mum.  Ruby wouldn’t nap again today… but wasn’t too grouchy for it!  4 pics for this post… just because I can 🙂

Here you are, out at brunch, with your Dondy’s iPhone… she has an app on there (Soundtouch) you like and are allowed for a treat… I watched you pressing the phone excitedly and wondered what technology you will see and watch change in your lifetime…

Here you are with your Granny Chris (“Danny Tiss”), in your pretty dresses!  I love the way you are smiling at one another… partners in crime 🙂  You have loved having her here… you’ve bossed her around a fair bit and lapped up all the undivided attention.

Next door’s puppy has snuck into the shot too!

You are so beautiful, my daughter xxx

Oscar… your PaRoy was pretty keen to get his hands on  you for a cuddle this morning.  I loved e you cradled in his arms and being gently stroked by the same strong hands that have loved, teased and built for me over my lifetime.  PaRoy has promised not to become a grumpy old grandad and I know you’ll love having him in your life ♥

Little man, you are growing and changing before our eyes!  I couldn’t resist this pensive picture of you.  My heart, in my hands xxx

The little things…

March 9th, 2012…

It’s the little details I love, the tiny bits of those I love….

Your fuzzy fine morning hair.  Your sweet smooth neck. Your beadies – which you have worn since you were 5 months old. Your soft little ears.  Your ten cute toes and your ten ‘yummy baby’ fingers.  All these sweet small things make up you, Rubyroo and I am so grateful xxx

Such tiny perfect fingers, with their little scratchy newborn nails.  Your soft palms and pliable arms.  Precious turned in newborn feet, that I can already see stretching and changing. You sweet sweet toes, on feet already kissed a million times.

When you feed, I can see dimples…. ohhhhhh, I hope you have Daddy’s dimples!!! xxx

Dip dip!!

March 7th, 2012…

Another day around home for babymooning…  Ruby had a play at Dondy’s house and Anton did the mowing… and I was on regular milkbar duties!!

Dinner time…. sausages and ‘dip dip’!  Cheeky Daddy tried to give you the sausages without the sauce and was ordered to get it!  You swiped the bottle from the table and being Little Miss Independence had to try and put it on yourself.  I had to take a picture of you sucking on the bottle… it was only a second or two and actively discouraged, but amusing nonetheless!!   You are looking right at Daddy whilst doing it…. cheeky miss!  🙂

Oscar, Unky G (Uncle Gregg) your (middle)namesake dropped by for a surprise visit this morning.  He wasn’t able to hold you on Sunday when they visited as he had a cold and I think he was VERY keen to have a cuddle now he’s well.  I won’t write his CV again here as I have done in an earlier post 😉 Suffice it to say, you’ll love him!!

Your Daddy snapped this today when you and Mumma had passed out on the bed together.  It is so sweet to feel your tiny weight in my arms ♥

A dindo!!!!!!!!!!

March 6th, 2012…

A pretty quiet day around home… Have I mentioned I don’t have a mobile at the moment?!  It died on Sunday morning 😦  It feels very strange not to have one!!  Will have to see if the budget extends to a new iPhone….

“All de amimals are HIDINGGGGG”… Ruby, we borrowed this book, Happy Birthday Dingo, from the library, and you love it.  Note the little toy dingo clutched in your right hand!  You like to name the animals, especially the boobook owl (you love owls!).  Your ‘g’ sounds are a ‘d’ at the moment, thus the ‘dindo’ title 😉 You were a very happy girl for a little while whilst your brother slept and you had Dadda and I to yourself for a wee while!  You were reading stories and bouncing from toy to toy!

Dondy and Aunty Meli came over in the arvo too, which you were very pleased about!  So many people love you my darling girl, so many people xxx

Deep blue blinky newborn eyes and a little turned up nose, perfect for feeding.  I have been desperate today to get you to feed as I’m feeling like my bosoms may explode!  You are starting to have some good alert periods in amongst your sleepy times.  I love the way you stop and listen when I talk to you… searching out my face.  I am so blessed to meet you little man xxx

And then there were 4 ♥

March 3rd, 2012…

What a day for us!  Today, at 151pm, our son was born!  He swam into the water and into my hands after a fairly fast, intense and wonderful labour and birth.  I will write his birth story at some point and post it 🙂

My pics from today are fairly cr*p, but that’s ok, because the memories are not!  If you want to see two very beautiful pics, check out the two on Gregarious Peach’s Facebook page… or my FB page.

My darling girl, I can’t quite believe you are a big sister!  You seem so big compared to Oscar, but still so little too.  You were such a good little girl today, you knew something was going on… Mumma was behaving a bit strangely at times!  I couldn’t go into labour properly until I knew you were safe with your Aunty Cherie on your way to Dondy and PaRoy’s house.  I had to know my baby girl was safe.  Once you were with them labour kicked in!!!

After your brother arrived at the RBWH Birth Centre, Dondy and PaRoy brought you up to see us and to meet him.  I was so happy to see you, so happy.  Here you are on the bed with Mummy…. Oscar was having susu and you thought your new dolly might need some too.  You amused us by stripping your doll’s clothes off and announcing “Its got bits!!”

My heart broke a little when you went home without us, but I knew you were safe and loved on your sleepover at your Grandies house.

I love you my little big baby girl, more than ever xxx

Little man… Little Oscar Gregg… you’re here!!  You are earthside and it is so beautiful to hold and to kiss you.  This is one of our first pics with you.  Such a blessing to have you on my chest.  Look at your gorgeous little rosebud mouth 🙂  And look at your proud Dadda!

It was a big day for us all… you played your part in your birth perfectly, helping your Mumma to birth you as gently as possible.  Thank you, beautiful boy, thank you. xxx