Planketty plank!

Sunday March 25th, 2012…

Seriously, what happened today??  Ummmmm…. a visit to Mel & Chris’ in the arvo to see my Uncle and Aunt.  I was soooo brave… I put Oscar in the carrier and clutched Ruby’s hand and walked all of about 100 metres down the street with both children by myself 😉  Ha!!  Can you tell I am slightly freeeeeeeeeeeaaaaking out about Anton going back to work next week??!

Here you are again my girl, throwing yourself around the place.  This time slightly assisted by Daddy… or maybe he was defending himself?!  You were almost doing a perfect plank before I took this, but camera is too slow and your little legs starting thrashing, as they are want to do!  Signing you up for the circus, ok?!

Nuff said ♥


And then there were 4 ♥

March 3rd, 2012…

What a day for us!  Today, at 151pm, our son was born!  He swam into the water and into my hands after a fairly fast, intense and wonderful labour and birth.  I will write his birth story at some point and post it 🙂

My pics from today are fairly cr*p, but that’s ok, because the memories are not!  If you want to see two very beautiful pics, check out the two on Gregarious Peach’s Facebook page… or my FB page.

My darling girl, I can’t quite believe you are a big sister!  You seem so big compared to Oscar, but still so little too.  You were such a good little girl today, you knew something was going on… Mumma was behaving a bit strangely at times!  I couldn’t go into labour properly until I knew you were safe with your Aunty Cherie on your way to Dondy and PaRoy’s house.  I had to know my baby girl was safe.  Once you were with them labour kicked in!!!

After your brother arrived at the RBWH Birth Centre, Dondy and PaRoy brought you up to see us and to meet him.  I was so happy to see you, so happy.  Here you are on the bed with Mummy…. Oscar was having susu and you thought your new dolly might need some too.  You amused us by stripping your doll’s clothes off and announcing “Its got bits!!”

My heart broke a little when you went home without us, but I knew you were safe and loved on your sleepover at your Grandies house.

I love you my little big baby girl, more than ever xxx

Little man… Little Oscar Gregg… you’re here!!  You are earthside and it is so beautiful to hold and to kiss you.  This is one of our first pics with you.  Such a blessing to have you on my chest.  Look at your gorgeous little rosebud mouth 🙂  And look at your proud Dadda!

It was a big day for us all… you played your part in your birth perfectly, helping your Mumma to birth you as gently as possible.  Thank you, beautiful boy, thank you. xxx

My girl ♥

February 24th, 2012…

Another beautiful cool rainy day…. so lovely!

It was a day around home today, lots of “tuddles” on the couch and a wonderful big sleep together!  Today I am 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant with your little brother or sister… it was at this point you made your entrance and we got to meet you.  You were an individual from the start, pointing your cute little rump at us, rather than your head!  To this day it is still the cutest botbot around 🙂

I can’t believe you are going to be a big sister soon… you still are so little and feel like my baby.  I carry you around a lot, seems to suit both of us at times… you particularly at the moment.  I do wonder how I will work all this out when ‘Vonu’ arrives!

Today we were watching some water births on the TV, you told me wide-eyed “baby been borned” and were quite interested in them having susu and requested “Ruby try it!”… Despite a good solid 15 and a bit months of breast-feeding, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten what to do Missy… licking and giggling ain’t gonna cut it 😉

Looking forward to so many more “tuddles” with you xox

Darling Dondy! & Expansion update…

Saturday 21st January….

After Ruby and my midday sleep I headed to Chermside for some time to myself!  I’m sure it’s patently obvious that I adore my husband and daughter, but I am acutely aware that with bub number two’s impending arrival that time to myself is going to be a rarity…  I had some lunch at a cafe, bought some shoes, and an engagement present and just had a little wander around.  It was nice 🙂

Saturday evening we had the engagement party of Anton’s gorgeous baby cousin J, to her long time beau, B.  They’re a beautiful couple and it was lovely to be able to celebrate with them.

Rubyroo, as Mummy and Dadda were off out to Aunty J & Uncle B’s engagement party for the night, your Dondy came to put you to bed and stay with you.  You barely even gave us a backward glance as Dondy read you stories and gave you your nightly bottle.  We are so grateful that you have such a special bond with her and obviously feel so secure in her arms and company.  Dondy is pretty smitten with you and I’m not sure you could do ANYTHING to taint that 🙂  In case you wonder one day where ‘Dondy’ came from, well that’s what you started calling her… We were referring to her as Gran Sonny, but you said Dondy… and we all thought that was pretty cute!  Sometimes now you also say “Gran Sonny” and sometimes “Dondy Sondy”…

I hope that I can be to you, the wonderful mum that Dondy has been to me and the amazing daughter to her, that she is to her Mum.

I love watching your relationship with your Dondy grow and blssom, it’s so precious! xx

This is the bump (nicknamed ‘Vonu’) at just over 33 weeks!  I feel so big, I’m SURE I am bigger than I was full term with Ruby…. but then she was tiny and frank breech, so…..    We took quite some time to fall pregnant with Ruby, almost two years.  We  tried to fall pregnant to no avail and went on our honeymoon thinking we were coming back to start fertility treatment… and were blessed to find out that we had fallen pregnant naturally whilst away!  This second bub came to us much more quickly and were a little shocked, but so grateful.  Both times the significant factors (other than the obvious!!!) were a tropical island holiday and a few gin & tonics!!

Ruby was born at home, which was wonderful.  This time we will be birthing at the RBWH Birth Centre and are looking forward to that experience.

Bub is wriggling away now, such an amazing thing to experience!!