She sells seashells….

February 8th, 2012…

Rubes and I went to Caloundra today to visit a gorgeous girlfriend for lunch and a swim and to catch up with another friend we hadn’t seen for a while.  The drive there was slightly harrowing with Ruby making a sort of whiney fake cry noise for large portion of the way.  She’s doing this a lot at the moment… What do we do with this??  Do we respond compassionately all the time or ignore it or tell her firmly to stop??  I have to admit I alternated between all of these today!  Ruby also managed to get her arms out of the shoulder straps of the carseat twice and I had to pull off the highway and strap her back in properly!!  Sheesh… as I have said before, she is lucky she is cute!! 🙂

Munchkin chops, today we went to the coast to visit Mummy’s darling friend “Aunty Ange”… you two had a mutual love fest go on straight away of course… which was lovely  🙂  You gave Mummy a bit of a hard time on the drive there, but were such a darling once we got there.  You found a bucket of shells on the deck at Ange’s and were happily taking them in and out.  We went for a swim in the big pool at the apartment and you had a ball!  You’re such a little mermaid 🙂   Tazzy met the 3 of us for lunch and you thought she was pretty nice too.  And considering she agreed with Aunty Ange that you were very ‘edible’ I think you had better watch out!  All this socialising meant you and Mummy missed our midday sleep… so as soon as we were in the car to drive home, you flaked!!

Mummy is very pleased that Aunty Ange and her 3 boys have moved to Caloundra…. hopefully we can play with them often now!

I hope you sleep well darling girl…. we’ve another social day tomorrow… and off to Coffs Harbour for the weekend… so we had better all rest up!!  xxx