You spin me right ’round, baby, right ’round!

A dearth of photos today, not sure what happened!   We went to rhymes session at the library again this morning and I took a couple there, but felt funny about having the camera out with other people’s kids around, thought they may not appreciate it!  I would have loved to get some good shots there as Ruby was so cute, straight into the middle, dancing and clapping and just checking everybody out 🙂

However, I’ve actually decided to go with the very first one I took this morning , not the best pic ever, but it captured the moment so well (for me anyway!)…. sitting in the study, with Ruby on the chair next to me…..

You love spinning around!  You were sitting on the study chair today, facing backwards and saying ‘spin around, spin around’… you started to lean back you wee daredevil and I was afraid you’d fly off!  You’ll spin around and around yourself in the lounge room, roll down hills or smile like a mad thing if Dadda or I spin you around.    You’ve always loved climbing or balancing on things on your tiptoes too…. maybe we best look into the circus for you!!

It was fun watching you at rhymes today… you just headed out so confidently and un-self consciously into the middle and did your thing.  Not showing off or expecting that everyone watched you, just feeling comfy in your world.  I love that you go off exploring, but make your way back, knowing I’ll be right there, watching out for you.  I’ll try not reign your exploring too much, I promise!!  Running off towards the busy road however…. hmmmm….

It’s a beautiful rainy evening and night, perfect for cuddling… xox