Testing. Testing.

Tuesday March 20th,2012…

Ha!  Anton and I both can’t remember what we did today!  The kiddos were the focus… Miss Rubes testing all boundaries and pushing her parents’ (particularly Daddy’s) buttons!

My girl, I took this pic over your Dadda’s shoulder as you were eating lunch today… You’re looking so angelic here, but not long after this you were chucking food on the floor, just to irk your Dad it seemed.  There’s been some big changes in your world of late and you’re letting us know you’re processing it all!!

I do love your wispy hair and big eyes captured here.  We love you so much and really do understand your world has been rocked by your brother’s arrival!  You have been so sweet with him… just a bit contrary with your parents 🙂

Sweetieboy, this is pretty much where you wanted to spend the day today… either on or under the susus!  Your sister liked to hang out here too and sometimes I feel a little pang that I just can’t sit and let you, like I did with her.  We do get lots of cuddles together at night time which is lovely.  You are a noisy little critter, making all sorts of sounds through the day and night!

I can hear some now…. best get ready for feeding time 🙂 xxx



Monday March 19th, 2012…

Ruby, Oscar and I headed for the Grandies today so that Anton and PaRoy could work on getting the dishwasher installed.  So it was we 3, plus Dondy and Asher…. and somehow it was bedlam.  Seriously, Mum and I could have used a stiff drink by the end of the day.  Refereeing and pottying and distracting and peacemaking and feeding and…. well hats off to anyone who has more than one child or works in childcare!!

Here you and Asher are, looking like little cherubs together.  Sitting nicely, reading your birdbooks.  You really are little cherubs, just highly spirited ones!!  You just love one another and I fear will get into all manner of mischief together throughout your lives 🙂  I don’t think Asher will be the ringleader though…..

Oscarboy, you had a little playdate too… well, a drinking susu date, with Miss Chloe.  Chloe’s Mum is a friend of Mummy’s and Chloe is about 6 weeks older than you.  She’s gorgeously chubbier at the moment, but I think you’re making it your business to catch up, and fast!

I just had to put this pic in because I loved it…. 3 dear little feet… Asher, Ruby (yes, that’s blue toenail polish) and Oscar…. all these little feet leave many many footprints on my heart ♥

No. Sleep. ‘Til….

March 17th, 2012….

So, I have the Beastie Boys song in my head… actually I think Ruby is running it as her theme song… through the day at least.  Surely 21 months old is too young to drop a daytime sleep??…. Pleeeeeeease Universe!!

Apparently this is the position one should assume when one is very tired (but has refused to sleep) and needs to poo….  worked remarkably well for you today Ruby 😉  Your father was wishing you had a disposable nappy on….

“C’mon seriously Mum, I just want to sleep.  Get that camera out of my face….. you’re worse than the paparazzi!”

But, you’re just so yummy, my boy! xxx

Ruby ‘idin’!

Sunday 5th February…

Quick trip to Northey Street for a few things in the morning… quicker due to Ruby melting down emotionally and me literally… SERIOUSLY feeling the heat!

Fun afternoon of Maternity Shoot with the gorgeous Georgia from Georgia Peach pictures!  Ruby really not that keen on posing at all… Thank goodness Georgia has toddlers so understood.  One of the main reasons we had chosen Georgia was her lovely natural style which meant roaming, ratbaggy toddlers are quite acceptable 🙂  There was a certain amount of black comedy involved in the afternoon as the mossies were INSANE and seriously tried to carry us all off despite layers of repellant. I am sure there will be pics of us flapping our hands and slapping ourselves!

Rubes, here you are playing another version of your fave “Ruby ‘idin'” game.  This one involved ransacking Mummy’s scarf drawer for props 🙂  I think your father aided and abetted you too and the contents were strewn around the room I discovered later!

I love that you can see your smiling eyes through the scarf.  Especially on a day that involved such an amount of a whiny noise from you that it felt like a form of water torture to your parents!  All you wanted was “bananie smoovie” for dinner tonight!  Cold banana smoothie on a sore mouth on a hot day…. why not?!

Love you, munchkin chops 🙂 xxx


Toddlers, toddlers everywhere!!

Monday January 23rd…

Ruby and I had a lovely day together today…. I just took very few pics!  Ruby’s funny now, she will not pose or sit still for pics, but always demands to see them if I do take one and will sit for ages at the computer looking at pictures of herself, or Anton and I.

Cheekychops, today we went back to the library to get you some new books (“stawies”) to read and to go to the toddler rhymes session.  Today Dondy came along and so did Aunty Meli, T & Moo.  Mummy’s friend G was also there with her little girl, C.  That’s you standing on the orange cushion, clutching your Seedseed and C and Moo are with you.  You all look very serious in this pic, but you had (along with many of the others kids there) been making your way all over the room checking people out and dancing and clapping.  C found that doll when we first got there and would not let go of it!  Moo kept staring at people and you did your usual dance and show your undies off in the middle routine 😉

You gave Mumma and Dondy a fright at the library when we looked away for a minute and you ran off, thank goodness you hadn’t actually gone out the doors.  I think the library lady though we were very neglectful 😦  She doesn’t know you and how cheeky you are or how fast you move (or many toddlers move!).

We did some groceries this afternoon and you happily sat and chatted to Mummy the whole way around.  A few hot chippies stashed in the shopping bag may have helped that…. shhhhh……

We had a lovely shower together after your dinner… although insisting Mummy sit on the floor of the shower with you is frought with danger from now on… I don’t think you’re strng enough to help me up somehow and there were a few moments there where I wondered whether I would just have to stay on the floor until Daddy got home to help me!

See you in the morning my munchkin xox