January 9th, 2012

Oh my God, I am a 31 weeks pregnant ball of sweat!!!!  Blahhhhhhhhhh…. This post is not getting my best attention as I am dying of the heat here in our hot box of a computer room!

It really has been another day of nice times with favourite people, it’s just been a baking one….  My photo of the day is this morning, before the heat set in, when I was still feeling calm and rational…

Little girl, this morning we went to Wray organics to get some vitamins and things and the day was already warming up, so I took opportunity to appreciate the aircon there and got us a smoothie (one you could have) with banana, cinnamon and coconut (non dairy) iceream… YUM!  I think your face and hands say it all!  You were clutching that straw and slurping happily!  Mama pretty much had to beg to be allowed have some!  I could have stayed there all day, enjoying the cool and sharing treats with you 🙂

We have had a lovely evening with some old family friends.  So nice to see you, cousin A and little Miss AJH playing together.  You looked so petite next to those tall two, even though they’re not much older than you!

I’m hoping we all sleep ok tonight, despite the heat…. the fans are cranked!

Sweet dreams, darling one xxx