Slow things down a little!

Tuesday March 27th, 2012…

Just aware today of time flying by!  Oscar already 3 1/2 weeks old and both of my babies are growing and changing before my eyes.  Anton back to work on Monday after 4 weeks off with us… I’ve so loved him being home.


“Wot oo doing Daddeeee??”           “Dadddeee not hiding.  Teeky (cheeky) Daddee”

Daddy was out on the deck trying to get the squeak out of the rocking chair.  You really thought you should be out there with him.  Until there is a gate on the deck though, anyone who is out there with you needs 100% focus on the Rubyroo… and to be ready to catch you!  A front fence is climbing its way up the priority list!

You spent the afternoon at Dondy and Pa’s house, playing with Asher.  A happy, but very tired wee girl came home from there.  I guess at least if you refuse a daytime nap you do then crash out very easily at nighttime!

You pull so many funny little faces, I could sit and watch you all day! One moment you look amused by the world and the next like someone has insulted you terribly! Such a dear little face with VERY smoochable cheeks xxx



Thursday March 22nd, 2012…

Well, the blog has gotten away from me a bit!  I can’t remember a whole lot about this day (I’m going to have to start scribbling notes somewhere for when I am playing catchups like this!) except that we went to Chermside and bought underwear and sushi, Oscar and I had Osteopath appointment…. and Anton and I were both really tired….

“You my angel” you’ve started saying to me… Not that you are saying it TO me, but you’re preempting what I could be about to say to you and must have said to you a lot!  And you are my angel, even on days like today when you have been tessssssssssting I have only to look at your dear little face with these lashes and you’re forgiven.

We want to be gentle with you and not disciplinarians….and we want you to know boundaries and respect for people and things.  I am reminding myself a lot lately that you are not yet two and you are learning and the world has changed for you.  I know you being able to express your distress is healthy I hate hearing you cry (‘tantrum’)!!

We are all learning on this journey together aren’t we?! xx

Swaddled?!!  Yes, it seems you like to be swaddled!  I hadn’t tried it because Ruby never liked it… but the other night I thought I would give it a go and you slept quite peacefully while Dadda and I ate dinner!  I hope you turn into a super sleeper little man… that would be a treat for your Mum and Dad! 🙂

Looking at this pic makes me want to run and stroke your soft little head xxx


Testing. Testing.

Tuesday March 20th,2012…

Ha!  Anton and I both can’t remember what we did today!  The kiddos were the focus… Miss Rubes testing all boundaries and pushing her parents’ (particularly Daddy’s) buttons!

My girl, I took this pic over your Dadda’s shoulder as you were eating lunch today… You’re looking so angelic here, but not long after this you were chucking food on the floor, just to irk your Dad it seemed.  There’s been some big changes in your world of late and you’re letting us know you’re processing it all!!

I do love your wispy hair and big eyes captured here.  We love you so much and really do understand your world has been rocked by your brother’s arrival!  You have been so sweet with him… just a bit contrary with your parents 🙂

Sweetieboy, this is pretty much where you wanted to spend the day today… either on or under the susus!  Your sister liked to hang out here too and sometimes I feel a little pang that I just can’t sit and let you, like I did with her.  We do get lots of cuddles together at night time which is lovely.  You are a noisy little critter, making all sorts of sounds through the day and night!

I can hear some now…. best get ready for feeding time 🙂 xxx

Family time…

Sunday March 18th, 2012…

Starting to feel very sleepy as I write this!  Yawnnnn…… We had a good bit of family time around home today.  Peppered with a visit from the the gorgeous Georgia of Georgia Peach Pictures this morning to do some newborn shots of Oscar. Then in the arvo a pop in from some other gorgeous ones (thank you Ange, Alex, Luca & Taj!).

Rubyroo, you are such a busy little girl.  I get worn out just watching you!  You’re always standing on something that’s likely to tip up or balancing on something inappropriate.  Seconds after this pic was taken you flipped yourself over the couch arm headfirst. I’m torn between delight in your no holds barred go get ’em ways and seriously thinking I am going to have heart failure with your antics one day!  I think enrolling you in the Aunty Megan’s gymnastic classes asap is the only option 😉

A sleeping angel on my lap.  A little face that’s chubbing up, eyelashes thickening and rosebud mouth that just wants to have susu in it ALL. THE. TIME!

Not so sure…

March 5th, 2012…

It’s Monday, but Anton is home with us for 4 weeks…. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Rubyroo, we were trying to get you to pose next to your brother for a photo, but you weren’t keen… I love the way you are looking at him…. you’re really not quite sure about this new little creature who is demanding so much time and attention.  You rolled off the bed after this saying “Nooooooooooo” and that was that!

I promise you that one day, you will be great mates and he WILL be fun to play with, not just a squirmy little bundle attached to Mummy all the time 😉 xx

Little man, you sleep and susu and sleep and susu and have us all in love with you already!  Mummy feels so lucky to be able to nourish you and we’re getting the hang of each other 🙂  Your skin is so soft and those cheeks are just made for kissing!! xox

Objects in the rearview mirror…

February 27th, 2012…

We had a visit to the RBWH Birth Centre this morning, to have a check up with one of our lovely midwives.  All good, head down! I am having loads of contractions, all painless… and those lovely little electrical shocks in my ‘gina (TMI??!). The body is preppin’ 🙂

I looked in the rearview today little girl and this was what I saw… a ‘groovy baby’ clutching her Seedseed and sucking away on her thumb!  It was a big day… up until today you have still been rear facing in the car… it’s safer to rear face for as long as possible, so we did!  BUT today we had the capsule put in for your baby brother/sister and so your seat was moved to behind the driver…facing forwards!  You loved sitting upright, looking out the window and being able to see things and tell us about them!  You especially loved it this morning when Daddy drove and I was in the passenger seat and we were able to see each other easily!

Having the baby capsule in the car is making it all very real!  I wonder what you will think of sitting in the back with your new sibling??  I am looking forward to watching you grow and play together!

Love you, love, Mama xx

What, Mum?!

February 16th, 2012…

Quick trip out to Art Land at Indooroopilly in the morning to finally take a beautiful Aboriginal artwork we got for a wedding present, to be framed.  They were great, professional and friendly and knew their stuff re proper framing of precious pics etc.  They were also VERY understanding when Ruby had a little accident there!

Dondy and I were busy talking and tidying (nesting!) today and you suddenly scaled the side of your change table and sat up on it pulling out wipes, creams and powdering your legs!  You had already strewn a few nappies around the floor too.  You’ve never climbed up your change table before and I’ve wondered why as you like to climb and are pretty agile.  Not sure I want to encourage cream and powder parties though!  You were having a lot of fun up there… even dangling a leg over the side and “row row rowya boad”ing.  Mummy feels torn between wanting to keep you safe and allowing you to explore and adventure!

Smooches, cheeky monkey! xox

Challenging enchantress…

February 13th, 2012…

Lots of things to catch up on after a weekend away…. I thought I wasn’t going to get much done and then…..

…. your Dondy and PaRoy offered to take you to Nursery Rhymes at the library with Asher!  Yay…. for your sake (and Mummy’s…)!  It’s amazing how much Mama can get done around the house in an hour & half without you here, my darling distraction 🙂

This pic was taken after your sleep and during lunch… you’re being bold and cheeky… too traits that I love about you, helping you to face the world and explore it… and traits that make me tear my hair out at times, when you’re running off despite being asked to stop or playing with the power point again, whilst looking at me to see my reaction!!

Aye aye aye…. enchanting and challenging, that’s you, Rubyroo 🙂 xxx

GOMA Gals!!

February 2nd, 2012

What a gorgeous day we had today!  Well, once we were out of the house anyway… things a wee bit whingey and “NOoooo” saturated before we left 😉

(Can’t quite get formatting of pics below correct… ah welll!)

What fun we had today!  We met Aunty Sunny & Ainsley at GOMA for an adventure through the kids exhibitions (Look Now, See Forever & We miss you Magic Land!).  What a wonderful city we live in that there are so many free things to take kids too!  You and Ains loved the polka dots and were quite amazed at being able to put the stickers anywhere you liked.  Yes, you ARE allowed to stick it on the piano!  After we’d polka dotted and goggled our way around, we went out for lunch.  It was Aunty Sunny’s birthday, so it was our shout 🙂  Sunny suggested Grill’d… two pregnant women and burgers.. yes!!! And then you and Ains got hot chippies too… AND fizzy drink…. sheeesh, your Mummy is such a soft touch Rubyroo!  We love Aunty Sunny and Ainsley’s company… we’ll have another play date soon!

I love sharing adventures and wonder with you, my Ruby darling…. it makes it so much more special for me, you help me to see things through fresh eyes, thank you! xox

You spin me right ’round, baby, right ’round!

A dearth of photos today, not sure what happened!   We went to rhymes session at the library again this morning and I took a couple there, but felt funny about having the camera out with other people’s kids around, thought they may not appreciate it!  I would have loved to get some good shots there as Ruby was so cute, straight into the middle, dancing and clapping and just checking everybody out 🙂

However, I’ve actually decided to go with the very first one I took this morning , not the best pic ever, but it captured the moment so well (for me anyway!)…. sitting in the study, with Ruby on the chair next to me…..

You love spinning around!  You were sitting on the study chair today, facing backwards and saying ‘spin around, spin around’… you started to lean back you wee daredevil and I was afraid you’d fly off!  You’ll spin around and around yourself in the lounge room, roll down hills or smile like a mad thing if Dadda or I spin you around.    You’ve always loved climbing or balancing on things on your tiptoes too…. maybe we best look into the circus for you!!

It was fun watching you at rhymes today… you just headed out so confidently and un-self consciously into the middle and did your thing.  Not showing off or expecting that everyone watched you, just feeling comfy in your world.  I love that you go off exploring, but make your way back, knowing I’ll be right there, watching out for you.  I’ll try not reign your exploring too much, I promise!!  Running off towards the busy road however…. hmmmm….

It’s a beautiful rainy evening and night, perfect for cuddling… xox