January 2nd, 2012

As it was intended to be, this project is already a reminder to ‘be with’ Ruby, not to just be around.  Also making me appreciate her more (not that I thought that really possible).  But Documenting the Delight that IS your child helps with the tougher moments of parenting…. like tantrums in Spotlight this afternoon because Ruby wanted to ” ‘raude ‘raude” and we were restricting her!

So hard to pick just one picture of my girl!  I can only begin to imagine how tough it would be if I took fabulous pictures!  So there’s 3 again today.  I promise to try and reduce it….. 😉

7am-ish this morning, ready to head out for a walk with Mama and Daddy got out the bubble stick.  You love bubbles and chasing them around!  Mummy loves them too 🙂  At Woodford Folk Festival you spent some of your Christmas money from Great Gran on a beautiful handmade bubble wand… with a ‘ruby’ in the stem!  Unky Chris & Moo are waiting on the footpath to go walking with us.

Wild girl!  You’re a rough and tumble little girl sometimes and love to wrestle with Daddy!  You’re on the king single bed that’s been next to our big bed.  99% of the time you have been in the big bed with us since you were a teeny tiny newborn.  Mummy & Dadda have plans to get you sleeping in a bed in ‘Ruby’s room’… don’t worry though, it will still be queen sized, so one of us can be with you if you need.  You’ve never been that baby that sleeps peacefully for hours, but I haven’t minded mostly and have loved having you bedshare with us.  Snuggles with you are so very precious xxx

Groovy Baby!!!  That’s what we said to you when you put your first sunnies on, little pink ones… and now you say it when you do!  You are so cheeky and pleased with yourself, strutting around in your glasses.  This is before our outing this afternoon, sitting in the drivers seat for a minute or two.  I think that’s how you like life my independent Ruby, having yourself at the helm!  I love this strength about you (and it challenges me!).

I love you baby girl, Mama x